Steve W. Edwards, Jr.

1855 W. Running Deer Rd. Queen Valley, AZ  85219

Phone 602-999-6853  


I have thirty-three years of experience educating and training equine, riders, and the general public about general mulemanship and horsemanship, mule and horse training, mule packing, and gamesmanship.


Public and Private Instruction


2002 - Present:

Adjunct Instructor of Equine Science. Pierce College LA, California Instructing students to train young mules, problem mules, finish mules, Teaching students to be trainers for mules and people. Focusing on safety, communication, health, farrier.


2001 - Present:

Consultant: Equine Safety, Corrals and Buildings. Pierce College LA California, Coordinate new equine facility with architect and contractors. During 2002 Steve was instrumental in establishing the first Mule Training Apprenticeship Program in an American College. This program enables a student to earn an associate's degree in Mule training. This is a 2 year, 16 credits program. The mule program is part of the newly expanded equine program at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California. 

1968 - Present:


Public Instructor.
  Arizona.  Over thirty-three years experience in training equine and riders in the mountains and deserts of Arizona.



Safety Lecture on Horseman Safety. Payson Horseman's Assoc. This was a lecture on safety both at home and on the trail. I provided a one day clinic on horse and mule safety to over 150 participants.


1997 - 1999:

Cross-Country Riding/Packing Instructor.  Miller Ranch, Arizona.  Miller Ranch is a German-owned operation that specializes in training German nationals to ride cross-country.



Educational Program Developer/Coordinator.  Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona.  Coordinated and administered Harmony Farms, an innovative educational program for urban families introducing them to mules as they were used in the beginning of Arizona statehood, including riding mules around a trail course.  Responsibilities included purchasing and training mules, managing the construction of corrals and trail course, and training zoo staff to care for and handle mules and to present information on mules, their history, and their abilities. Teaching safety of mule, handler, public.


1990 - 1998:

Private Packing/Driving Instructor.  Provided private instruction to the two-time world champion driver of 4-up and 6-up mule teams (1996-1997) and trained numerous mule packers/drivers for competition (1990-1998).


1970 - 1979 & 1992 - 1993:

Educational Demonstrator/Instructor.  Phoenix, Arizona. Conducted farming-related demonstrations for elementary schools. Developed and implemented a day-long instructional program called "Early America Day".


1985 - 1989:

Driving Demonstrator/Lecturer.  Lost Dutchmen Rodeo, Apache Junction, Arizona.


1976 - 1987:

Head Firearms Safety Instructor.  Department of Arizona Game and Fish, Arizona.  Lead instructor for providing training to new safety instructors and to individuals.


Packing Demonstrator/Lecturer.
  Arizona Mule Club, Mesa, Arizona.


1983 - 1984:

Lecturer.  Superstition Horseman's Association, Apache Junction, Arizona Presented a series of lectures on safety, horsemanship and horse training.



Horse/Mule Training


1994 - 1996:

Horse and Mule Trainer.  Yolo Ranch, Arizona. Trained horses and mules for Yolo Ranch, one of the largest ranches in Arizona.


1990 - 1996:

Children's Camp Mule Trainer.  Friendly Pines Camp, Arizona.  Trained mules, horses, and ponies for children's camp specializing in children and youth (ages 5 to 13) with chronic illnesses and disabilities.  Trained camp counselors on safety, communications, and mulemanship.


Mule Competition



Mammoth Donkey Competitor.  Western Pleasure, Trail Class, Driving, Gymkhana events World Championships.



Packing/Driving Competitor.  Won several driving and pack events at Prescott, Arizona Mule Days and other mule competitions.



Champion.  Over 40 Diamond and Box Hitch World Championship. Second place Diamond Hitch, Third place Pack Scramble



Champion.  Arizona State Long Driving Championship.


1990 - 1998:

Packing Competitor.  Bishop Mule Days, Bishop, California.  Bishop Mule Days is the largest mule competition in the world and is recognized as the World Championship.



Packing and Crewing


1990 - Present:

Packer.  US Forest Service, in numerous locations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Montana


1970 - Present:

Pleasure Packer.  Grand Canyon, Arizona.  Have completed several packing trips in the Grand Canyon, Colorado, New Mexico and Montana as well as Northern California and in other wilderness areas throughout the western states.



Packer, Trail Crew.  Yosemite National Park, Yosemite, California.



Packer, Trail Crew, and Water Rebuilding Crew.  Arizona National Forest, Arizona.



Professional Clinician, Expert Lecturer, Event Judge/Consultant


1990 - Present:

Clinician.  United States.  Conducted numerous specialized training clinics across the United States


1990 - Present:

Expert Lecturer/Speaker.  Conducted numerous speaking engagements to equine clubs throughout the United States and for Horseworld, radio programs in Prescott Valley, Arizona Rick Lamb Show. Numerous newspaper articles.


March - July, 2000:


Expert Witness.  Pacific Law Group.  Contracted as an expert witness in a civil liability case in Honolulu, Hawaii.


1983 - Present:

Event Consultant and Judge.  Consultant for a horse show in Elkhart, Kansas (1999), judged packing contests in Phoenix, Arizona (1983-84), and judged trail classes in Maricopa and Pinal County (1985-86). 2001-2002 Arizona Mule Days



  • Featured Horseman, Western Horseman Magazine, 1999

  • Featured, Phoenix AriZoo Magazine, 1999

  • Featured, Bridle and Bit Magazine, 1998 (March) and 1999 (April)

  • Licensed Backcountry Guide, Tonto National Forest, Superstition Mountain Range, Arizona, 1991 to present

  • Member, Certified Horseman's Association, 1999 to present

  • Member, American Mule Association, 1995 to present

  • Consultant, Equine Management Pierce College L.A. California,  2001 to present

  • Adjunct Professor Equine Science, L.A. California 2002 to present

  • Scientifically Correct Training Methods, Robert Miller, D.V.M. Thousand Oaks, California, 2002 to present

  • Mule Consultant for Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona 1998 to present

  • Mule Consultant Friendly Pines Camp, Prescott, Arizona,  summers 1990 to present 

  • Professional mule show announcer 2001-2002

  • Promoter and Designer of Arizona's Superstition Mountain Mule Rendezvous  2001-2003

  • Pastor Cowboy Christian Ministries, 1989 to present

  • Featured writer and video producer of mule training, safety, communications, health, Western Mule Magazine, Mules and More Magazine, Rocky Mountain Rider Magazine, Trail Rider Magazine, Bridle and Bit Newspaper, 1998 to present

  • Featured in LA Times, 2002


Current Videos


  • So...You Want to Buy A Mule?

  • The Mule Riders Martingale

  • Halter Foundation Training

  • Wait Right Here-The Basics of Hobbling, Highlining & Picketing

  • Why Does My Mule Do That?

  • Problem Solving & Foundation Work

  • Problem Mule-Building a New Foundation

  • Don't Fence Me In

  • Reining in the Pines

  • Mule Packing -The Basics


Videos in Production

  • Driving a Single Mule or Donkey

  • Driving Two Mules

  • Diving Four-up

  • Driving a Six-up

  • Communicating with Your Donkey

  • Foundations:  A series of seven 45 to 60 minute instructional videos on the problems most encountered by mule owners:  (1) Halter Training, (2) Catch Me If You Can, (3) Give Me Your Foot, (4) It's My Ear, (5) First Saddling, (6) Reining, and (7) Stopping, Side Passing, and Backing. Trailer loading problem. saddle and tack fit

  • Trail Riding on a Mule

  • Mule Eating Monsters

  • Spring Tune-up

  • Packing your Mule /Mules

  • Packing Hitches: Single Diamond, Double Diamond, Box Hitch


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