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Free Mule and Donkey Event

November 17, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Bits

We will explore all the different types of bits and help you choose the right bit for the right job so your mule or donkey does exactly what you want… safely!

This event is free. Registration is required to attend.

Made in the USA

Queen Valley Mule Ranch saddles & tack are proudly made in America!

Saddles, Tack, Training, and More...

The joy of owning a mule or donkey starts here…

“I am extremely happy. Very comfy saddle. Saving for another one!”

Ester Monaco

“Fit her your saddle and tack, I rode her for the first time. She did well!”

Ron Sowers

“The Trail Lite saddle fits my mules well and is an excellent value.”

David Richardson

“The pack saddle and all the gear is holding up well. “

Bernie Harberts

“I got my saddle, tried it today, and I absolutely love it! Fits perfectly!”

Alberto Serna Rivas

“Your hands on communication & interest has been appreciated and helpful!”

Cathy and Warren Manzer

Getting Results

Experience the thrill of gaining trust and getting results! 


Everything we do is based off of what we have learned from the mule and donkey since 1981. Our saddles, tack, and training are mule and donkey tested and approved!


Decades of research goes into our saddle and tack designs. We partner with top manufacturers in the USA to produce products built to last for the long haul.


You don't have to take our word for anything — hear directly from our customers. Discover how others have succeeded with our help.

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Mastering the Saddle

Discover how to keep your mule comfortable on the trail and experience the best riding of your life. Get the free course now.

Equine Adventures

See photos shared by friends and customers!

Feed & Nutrition Program

What mule and donkey owners need to know about creating a program that allows their animal to thrive.

Community Is Here!

Get your invite to join Steve & Dave Wednesdays for a free Mule & Donkey Clinic. Come with questions, leave with answers.

Learn from Steve Edwards

Experience the progress that is possible in your training with our free mule and donkey training content on our blog.

Mule and Donkey Adventures

Photos and stories sent to use from friends and clients across the world! See all.

Explore more adventure photos from owners and riders!

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Total Comfort for You and Your Mule

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Create A Nutrition Program to Help Your Mule and Donkey Thrive

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