Join Steve Edwards for a Live Clinic!

April 9-10, 2022

Come to Queen Valley Mule Ranch in Arizona for my Spring 2022 Clinic. Whether you join in as a participant or spectator, you’ll have a chance to talk to me about your mule or donkey!

It is my personal goal to make my clinics fun and educational for everyone. You will come out of this clinic communicating better with your mule or donkey.

You have a mule, now what?

You took the courageous step and got yourself a mule. You are ready to hit the trails and start your new adventures with your new companion. Thing is, your finding more and more that your mule isn’t ready – ‘ole fluffy sure looked good when you went to purchase but you’re finding out that ‘ole fluffy just ain’t trained.

You try to get your mule to pick up its foot but it just ignores you. You attempt to put on the saddle but your mule isn’t cooperating. It’s frustrating, but don’t fret my friend, there is hope.

Communicating with your animal is easier than you think!

I have many years of working with mules, donkeys, and their owners and I’ve seen just about everything. Working with a mule or donkey for the first time, or trying to correct a problem for the first time can feel intimidating and leave you feeling deflated. The animal just won’t listen – you’re doing everything you know and it just won’t listen?

Let me tell you something partner, communicating with that animal is easier than you think and success starts with understanding how to communicate with ‘ole fluffy.

If you are looking for in-person training, bring your mule and donkeys to sunny Arizona for this training clinic!

Join Us On April 9th and 10th
for a Live Training Clinic

The live clinic will be held at the Queen Valley Mule Ranch – 1855 W Running Deer, Queen Valley, AZ 85118



Up to 10 Participants with mules

What Other Owners Have to
Say About This Clinic

You need this. I don’t care if you are a skilled equestrian or a mule rookie like me. Steve’s methods and equipment will create a new foundation for your mule AND for you.


Would recommend for anyone starting out with a not so sure Mule


 The Come Along Rope is the best tool I’ve ever used for mule training. The response is amazing. I would recommend the Ground Foundation Starting Kit for anyone with a mule. You won’t be disappointed.


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