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Roller bit or Martingale Bit?

My mule came with a roller bit but would I be better off with a martingale bit?

If you can ride off of your legs and she has a nice stop, left and right, then stick with what you have. The down side with roller bit is that they tend to play with the roller a lot which can get frustrating on the ride.

“Next question. This one comes in from jeannie. She watched one of our videos and asked this. I think it was last week. Jeannie from Iowa. I have a 16 year old. Molly just got her in the spring. She came with a roller. But I just trail ride. Nothing hard. Would I be better off with a Martin Gale bit? She’s easy, not difficult. She responds to leg commands. Well, I just purchased the ground foundation kit, and I’m anxious to receive that. What would you say to Jeannie?

Well, if you can ride Jeannie off of your legs, and she’s got a pretty nice little backup, pretty nice stop, pretty nice. Go to the left and right and call it good. Usually rollerblad are usually designed for a little bit on the inside. And the downside is, they tend to play with the roller a lot, and it can get pretty frustrating on a ride. But if you can ride off your legs, I just stick with what you got.”