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How can I tell if the scapula is cracked?

How can you tell if a mule has a cracked scapula, i.e. been riding with a horse saddle?

Well, the thing to do is to tell you that you have to go to the vet, have them exercise ray that’s scapula. Now, you’ll have some guys say they can’t do it. It can be done. Matter of fact, we’ve got a note from a veterinarian with a guy in Texas. They found a little color flower looking. It’s not always cracked. It can be Bangladesh. Bang. End up with just high spot even. But folks, listen. Just take one look at the pictures of the mules that you see. Especially when they tell you it’s a ten or twelve year old mule they’ve been banged around. I just had a guy to put a four year old down because the scapula was cracked at Harley Walk. So, yeah, I can tell you some worries. But look at it. How to make sure that they can x ray that scapula.”