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How do I get my gelding to load in the trailer?

What is your advice on getting a 3 year old gelding to load willingly into an open stock trailer?

Forget the halters and use the come along rope and do your foundation work away from the trailer. Try to put him under stress in ways such as laying a tarp down and cross the tarp or a sheet of plywood and have him walk across it and they will load up.

“James has a question, says hello. What is your advice on getting a three year old gelding to load willingly in the open stock trailer? He has not been trailers with a buddy. He has not been trailer with a buddy, doesn’t want to go solo. He has been trailer it about six times, but doesn’t want to leave others when time to go. Thanks. What would you have to say to James, Steve?

Number one, the reason he leave others is because he’s an equine. They like being together. They feel more comfortable equine being the bottom of the food chain. There’s other buddies around, protection and more. He doesn’t really leave. So I have an open stock trader. That’s wonderful. Two horse trailers are horrible. So I have a video, Dave, that we could probably link him to. That’s called trailer loading. And it was a tough mule. It took, like five guys to get this meal in one day. When I did this video, actually, Dave and I went out and did this video. I had actually cut my pointer finger on the right hand side and I had shoved a knife clear through it. Yeah, you don’t want to hear that anyway. So I was wearing a glove. I was actually one handed trying to train this mule to load up. So did I finally get it done? Yes, we got it done. And then, as you can see at the end of the video, this mule can’t wait to jump in the trailer as soon as I point toward it. Just the usual things do get don’t try to put a rope around the Hindi and get them to load up.

Use that come along rope. Start doing your foundation work away from the trailer. So see me in the you’ll work in the meal work, doing all kinds of stuff. I’m not interested in putting him in a trailer until he starts getting soft with my come along. I could have laid the tarp down and crossed the tart if I had a piece of four bye sheet of plywood to lay down and walk across it, things like that. Try to put them under stress and as you’ll see in that video, they’ll load up. Folks that cannot stress enough, forget the halters and use that come along rope. That come along rope is an awesome tool. It teaches them to pay attention to you all the time. Don’t take anything that you’re just taking them out of the stall and going to put a saddle on them from A to B is the perfect place to teach them to be straight. Straight. That’s what you want, straightness. You don’t want them look at the left or right. You want them to think straight. When we allow them to look to left and right, we end up with a problem like you got here where you can’t load them in a trailer when it comes time.

Yeah, we got to think straightness. The other thing about is going to be your timing. So when you’re this foundational stuff, you do it away from the trailer and it’s going to be your timing. So when you start pointing toward that trailer, do like I just told you. Don’t be looking off the left and the right. Don’t let them do that. Think straight ahead. Where do you stand? Start that. Start it from the corral to your hitching rail.”