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Lakin Lite isn’t available where I live. Where can I find a substitute?

I read your article and watched the video on the mule feeding program. I am very interested in feeding my mule pellets, but I can’t get Lakin Lite here in Oklahoma. Do you know of any suitable substitutes that I can obtain where I live?

Lakin Lite is easy to obtain in Arizona — but I realize it’s not available in many places across the country. Folks always ask, “What should I use if Lakin Lite isn’t available.” There are a lot of great feeds out there which are comparable to Lakin Lite and the best way to find what’s available in your area is to take the ingredients found in Lakin Lite to your local feed shop and see what they have available.

You can find the list of ingredients as well as other thoughts on creating a solid feed and nutrition program for you mule or donkey in my article, Mule’s Can’t Stand Prosperity.