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My mule suddenly won’t load in the trailer, what do I do?

Any ideas why my mule has decided to recently not load into a trailer all of a sudden?

Nothing with a mule is all of a sudden, they give you these little subtle hints where they are testing you. Lead them with the come along hitch to lead them into the trailer and then once in the trailer they will willingly let you put a halter on.

“Alright, next question. Here comes from Rose. Hey, Steven. Dave, I don’t know why, but my mule recently has decided not to load in a trailer. I’ve been riding and camping with Sherry for five years. By the way, you have helped me quite a bit. And we’ve come a long way. We have rode and camped all over tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois. Just rode with Marty Gordon from Bluegrass Mule event in Shelbyville, Tennessee. I heard you were there. Sorry I missed that. Any ideas why she’s not loading in the trailer all of a sudden? Also still loving my tack.

Folks, listen, nothing with a mule is all of a sudden they give you these little subtle things that says, I’m testing you. Are you going to catch me testing you? The nose may have went off to the right. I didn’t bump. You may have hesitated and you gave them an extra pool, see, things like that. The other thing is, I heard you say halter. Are you leaving him with a halter? Folks, come-a-long hitch. Come-a-long, hitch. Come-a-long. Leave them with the come-a-long hitch. Put them in the trailer. When they’re in the trailer, they willingly let you put the halter on. And then you take the come-a-long hitch off and I am up. You come along hitch. Folks, you never know when they’re going to say ain’t going to do it. And I’ve seen the best of them do that.”