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Should I feed more than just Lakin Lite?

The lake and light is all you need. I mean, some people go ahead and feed some Bermuda hay with it, but I can tell you that my wife’s mule, for out of her 28 years, 26 years, her main diet was nothing but lake and Light pellets.


You feed according to your need.

So if you are going to ride heavy over Saturday and Sunday, come Thursday, add another two to three pounds of feed in there. That’s the great thing about pellets, is you can safely weigh your feed and know exactly what you’re getting for feed.

So just because he’s 15 hands, I need to know, okay, how many hours a week he’s been ridden, this sort of thing. How lagged up is he? What you don’t want to do, though, is overfeed them. Not only will you give them toxicity problems with the sugar content and feed and feed that fat pockets, but you can also have what’s called Monday morning sickness. And that’s where the farmers used to feed them really heavy over the weekend when they didn’t use them. And then come Monday, they had all that heavy feed on them, and their kidneys end up kicking back, and they get acetarya.

And that is the same thing you get from pack bags, saddlebags. And when you get that, you end up with acetarya. And that’s where the kidneys end up, can’t take care of its toxicities, and the meal ends up dying. So going back to the yes, lake and light only, but only feed according to the mule’s needs only.