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Will my mule ever be safe to ride?

I am an inexperienced rider. The outfitter says the mule is spooky under the saddle, could the mule ever be ride safe or is it destined to be a pasture friend and a ground buddy for life if I were to purchase the mule?

Based on your experience, the suggestion would be to not bother with it and try to find a packer. Why have a pasture buddy when you can have a mule that you can enjoy. Spooky animals can be good for paying attention to everything, they can find a cattle and game quick but you have to ride them every minute.

“Let’s see here. I got another question. This one come in from Jay, says, I’m in a question for asked Steve From, an avid podcast listener. I’m an inexperienced writer and an inexperienced mule one. But I fell in love with the mule. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. I’m one bad life decision away from adopting her. She has sweet ground manners, but the outfitter that has her says she’s spooky under the saddle. Does she have hope for ever being ride safe? Or is she destined to be a pasture friend and a ground buddy for life?

A spooky animal that’s always kind of looking looming around? I like those kind of mules because I get up in the mountains and they’re paying attention to everything. They can find the cattle quick, they can find game quick. But you’ve got to ride them every minute. So for you being beginning with this, I wouldn’t bother with it. Listen, it costs just as much folks to feed a good one as it does a sorry one. Just think about that. Why have a pastor buddy when you can actually have something you can enjoy? So my suggestion is find a packer guide, something like that. Like this. He can use it for a pack mule. He’s just trying to find quick way to sell it. Maybe, I don’t know.”