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Earl and Cheryl

Cheryl sent in these photos of her and her mule Earl during their ride up in Garden Valley, Idaho. Cheryl said she uses only Steve Edwards gear and it has transformed her rides from ‘okay’ to ‘absolutely wonderful.’ She mentioned specifically that she uses the Mule Rider’s Martingale along with Steve’s saddle and says, “No […]

Destiny and Lewis, Stan and Reliance

Billie sent us these photos of daughter Destiny with her mule Lewis and Stan with his mule, Reliance. Fun fact, Reliance was actually used in Steve’s video, After the Wreck. What a small world! Lewis is sporting the Trail Lite Saddle. What would you say to someone who is thinking about investing in Steve Edwards […]

The Trail Lite Mule Saddle

Installing your mule saddle and tack correctly ensures that you enjoy your ride and that your mule equally enjoys the ride. In this video I share a little bit about the Trail Lite Saddle and also go through instruction for using your saddle cinches and your mule Britchen.

My Mule Backs Up When I Introduce Something New

All equine live by fright or flight. When you introduce something new to your mule and he backs up he’s letting you know, “I have a problem with something here.” When you’re training and he backs up that’s one thing but being out on the trail is another. When your mule encounter something new the […]

Installing A Bridle On An Ear Shy Mule

Communicating with mules is challenging, but when you need to work with an ear shy mule the need for precise and strategic communication is all the more important. In this short video you’ll discover how to place a bridle on an ear shy mule and watch a Queen Valley Mule Ranch apprentice perform what is […]

Don’t Give Up On that Mule

Mules are some of the most amazing animals. You’ve probably experienced just how wonderful they are, or else you wouldn’t own one. The problems start when we feel like the mule just won’t listen. It’s frustrating, trying to get your mule to do what so many others have made look simple. It may be tempting […]