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Welcome Home – Make the Most of Your Mule’s Homecoming

Bringing a new mule home is a very exciting time. You have found “the one” and bringing him or her home to your barn should be perfect! But I hear time and time again from folks who struggle with the transition from the mule’s “old familiar home” to the new place – even when the new place seems to be filled with love and hopes for a great life together. So let me just give you a hand on that homecoming experience that just might make life all that you had hoped for.

Foundation Training and Trailer Loading

You’ve got a mule or donkey, and every once in a blue moon you need to load ‘Ole Fluffy up into a trailer. You don’t own a trailer yourself, so how are you going to get your buddy ready to load up when the time comes?

What you need to learn to do is properly communicate with your donkey from the ground and then from the saddle.

Mule & Donkey Saddle vs Horse Saddle

When you use a horse saddle on a mule you will hurt your mule.

In this video Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch explains the differences in a mule saddle vs a horse saddle and exactly why you need to buy a saddle that is designed to fit that skeletal structure of the donkey or the mule.

Why Does My Saddle Go Forward?

Over the past 40 years I have been riding, driving, and packing mules. I have packed freight back into the mountains. The freight can be fence posts, concrete, or equipment for various needs. To make a long story short, I have worked mules for a living and I have had fun with them as well. […]

The Skinny on Mule and Donkey Hoof Care – Cracks

Ever heard that mules and donkeys have tough hoofs and need no shoes or trimming? I have and many people I talk to have also heard this. When I purchased my first mule, I was actually told they needed very little care, that they eat very little food, drank very little water and did not […]

Catching Your Mule on Your Terms

A mule that’s easy to catch on HIS rules is not seeing you as the leader. You want to turn the tables and make him easy to catch on YOUR rules. This video will show you just how to do that.

Bits and Bridles

There is only one thing that matters when it comes to your bit: is it good for the mule? In this short video, Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch shows you what to look for in a bit