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Feed and Nutrition Program for Mule Foals

Basic nutrition for mules, specifically foals, isn’t hard – basically, just feed them! In this video clip from Ask Steve, Steve Edwards discusses nutrition, feed, hay, alfalfa, and pellets as part of a mule foal nutrition and diet program.

Buying A Mule: Should You Buy A Young Mule or An Experienced Mule

When you go to buy a mule, the seller tells you everything that’s right about the mule and shows you how that animal will do this or that – and when you get the mule home… nothing.

In this vide, Steve Edwards talks through why experience doesn’t count for anything and he shares a few things you REALLY want to look for. There are major differences between young mules and older mules – however, there is one thing to look for regardless of age and that’s what he talks about here.

Halter Training Your Mule or Donkey: Listening to the Lead Rope

To get your mule to move forward or backward you need to master halter training. Once the mule or donkey respects the halter, your lead rope will do all the communication you need.

In this video you’ll watch a new mule owner going through halter training and you’ll see how your animal can start having respect for that halter.

Training Your Mule to Lower His Head

One of the most fundamental motions you want your mule to operate on command is to lower his head. In this video, Steve Edwards demonstrates how to soften that mule or donkey and train him how to move his head and keep his head where you want it to be.

Steve Edwards – Mule Trainer | Featured Article on Rural Heritage

I’ve been in the mule training business for quite some time but I know there are many folks out there that don’t know my story. Rural Heritage featured me in their publication in 2012 and they shared my story of how I got into the mule training business. If you are interested reading more about my background and see where my passion for mules and donkeys started, this is a great read.

Should You Own a Mule? | Featured Article on Ohio’s Country Journal

In 2013, I was featured in Ohio’s Country Journal where I got to share some of my expertise with Kim Lemmon. Through our conversations, she was able to put together this great article giving you the pros and cons of owning a mule and whether one should consider owning a mule. if you are on the fence about owning a new mule this article is for you.