Entries by Steve Edwards

Catching Your Mule on Your Terms

A mule that’s easy to catch on HIS rules is not seeing you as the leader. You want to turn the tables and make him easy to catch on YOUR rules. This video will show you just how to do that.

Bits and Bridles

There is only one thing that matters when it comes to your bit: is it good for the mule? In this short video, Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch shows you what to look for in a bit

Halter Training – Keeping the Feet Still

Anybody can make a mules feet move because it’s natural for them to do it, but to get them to make their feet stand still, that’s more of a challenge. In this video, Steve Edwards demonstrates how you can teach your mule to learn when to stand still with or without a lead rope.

Halter Training a Mule – Moving the Feet

Halter training isn’t the most exciting, yet, it is foundational to everything. It takes time, patience and often you’ll only witness small moments of success in the early days of training. In this video, you will see Steve Edwards halter training a mule – specifically teaching her how to respect the halter and using that halter to communicate to that he wants her feet to move.

Halter Training a Mule

Pulling and tugging on your mule, trying to get her to do what you want, wears on you. It tires you out and steals the joy of owning such an amazing animal. Using the method of ‘ask, tell, demand’ as you halter train, you’ll find yourself in control and you will see your mule respond accordingly. You’ll see in the video, it’s not always easy.

How To Approach Your Mule

It’s one thing to watch a seasoned mule trainer take a problem mule and begin to soften that animal and it’s another to watch the owner do the exact same thing. In this video, you will see Steve Edwards coach a mule owner through the steps of approaching the mule.