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How To Approach Your Mule

It’s one thing to watch a seasoned mule trainer take a problem mule and begin to soften that animal and it’s another to watch the owner do the exact same thing. In this video, you will see Steve Edwards coach a mule owner through the steps of approaching the mule.

How to Approach A Mule from the Left Side

Is your mule refusing to stand still as you approach him? You need to ‘catch’ him, yet, he keeps moving all around and refuses to let you install the halter, pick up his foot or anything else… this short video will show you exactly how to approach your mule from the left side.

My Visit To Israel – To Train Mules!

My life for the past few years has been training mules and donkeys. I love the work. It is exhilarating and exciting. I am especially pleased to see the good breeding that has become evident. During a presentation at the San Tan Expo here in Arizona 3 years ago, I met a man named John. […]

How to Teach A Mule to Back Up… Straight

Teaching a mule to back up can be incredibly frustrating – it’s so simple, yet they refuse to do as you ask. The truth is that you may not be asking in a way the mule understands. In this short video Steve Edwards demonstrates exactly what you must do as the herd leader to teach your mule to back up… and do it straight!

Steve Edwards featured on the Boyd Ranch Mule Ride Newsletter

On March 9-12, 2017 Steve Edwards will be the guest speaker at the Boyd Ranch Mule Ride talking about “Why Does My Mule Do That?” In preparation, he was featured in the Boyd Ranch Mule Ride Newsletter, January 2017 issue. See the newsletter here. This event is another great opportunity to provide some mule training and get to meet […]

I Want To See “The Real Israel”

In my conversations with Yoav before traveling to Israel, he asked me what I might like to see. We would not be training mules the entire time and this was a glorious opportunity for Susan and me. Just as there are places here in Arizona that people traditionally visit, there are places in Israel that […]

And So It Begins…. Training Mules in Israel

Last month, I shared some photos of my trip to Israel. I surely feel blessed to have the opportunity to see new places and to travel. Once I had a bit of time to be a tourist, it was time to get down to business and start helping the people there with their mules. Now […]