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Insurance for the Livestock and Equine Owner

I recently received a letter from the State of Arizona. It seems that working with equine livestock and with people in a clinic setting represents the same degree of professional risk as being a police officer of a fire fighter. In light of this, insurance through the State Insurance Fund is no longer available to […]

How to Fit Your Mule or Donkey Saddle

Over the past 35 years, I have been riding, driving, and packing mules. We packed freight back in the mountains; the freight was anything from fence posts to concrete and other kinds of equipment. To make a long story short, I have worked mules for a living and have had fun with them as well. […]

Electrolytes and Dehydration

When riding, driving, or packing your donkey or mule, the biggest enemy is dehydration. I give my mule 10 CC of electrolytes anytime I am riding a six to eight hour day. You can purchase a tube of electrolytes at any feed store. The electrolytes are given at the corner of the mouth. You can […]


Dear Steve, I am working my mule in harness now and she does well until the wheels hit gravel. I have had some near runaway/wrecks so I put on your martigale with the double twisted wire bit and tied in some longer lines. Not only does that put the whoa on her, she also seems […]

A Letter from Sonja Crago

Brent and I did our research, drove the 5 hours to Kentucky from Cleveland, TN, and bought a tried and true great mule in the early fall of 2010. We immediately started him on a regular riding schedule which also included training him as a pack mule. He did great all Fall and Winter long, […]

Does Your Saddle Really Fit Your Mule?

When I first started riding I did like a lot of folks do, I found a used saddle that fit me and was in my price range: cheap! I put that saddle on everything I rode. When it didn’t seem to fit I blamed it on the animal. Then I added pads or cut holes […]

Sitting On the Neck of My Mule

When I first started riding mules, I would put the saddle on just like a horse, high on the wither with my chinch close to the front legs. Down the trail we went. I always rode with a loose cinch because I wanted my horse to have all the breathing power possible. I know how […]

Give Me Your Foot

Years ago when I did a lot of shoeing for others, I worked with every problem animal there was.  The biggest problem I had shoeing was the owners.  Whoops did I say that!  The problem was they would not pick up the hoof, clean and inspect it on a daily basis or at least every […]

So You Want to Buy A Mule?

One day you’re reading through the ads and you see her.  She’s just what you’re looking for.  Beautiful.  Look at all that color! You decide to make a phone call.  The feller on the other end says that she does everything and to come on down and take a look. “I’ll take $1500 for her”, […]