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Contracted Heels On Your Mule

We think we can ride the mule and keep the mule without shoeing them but that is going to cause more problems down the road. Steve Edwards, explains the importance of shoeing your mule.

So You Want Steve to Help You Buy a Mule

There are a lot of folks who are looking to buying their first or their next mule or donkey and have questions. In this video, Steve Edwards addresses some common reasons for buying a mule or donkey and what he believes the most important step is before buying.

Mule Tack for Your Mule Saddle – Essential Gear

You have learned everything you need to know about mule saddles, you’ve read about the difference having a true mule saddle makes from other mule owners – a Steve Edwards mule saddle 😉 – and now you’re ready to purchase. The last question is, what mule tack do I need to go along with the […]

Grass Founder In Mules and Donkeys

Is grass founder in mules and donkeys something you need to be concerned about? It’s been said that mules and donkeys are stronger and healthier than horses and immune to many equine diseases. I wish that were true. Unfortunately, that is a myth. Where did this myth come from? It is actually an exaggeration of […]

Mule Saddle – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re reading this article, you are either a proud owner of a mule, you are thinking about becoming an owner, or you work with mules and donkeys and want to know how to best care for these awesome animals. And they are awesome! No equine rides more smoothly than a donkey or mule – they are the “Cadillac” of the equine. Problem is, you don’t have a true mule saddle.

In this article, you will get you up to speed on everything you need to know in order to purchase a mule saddle that is perfect for you and your mule!

We Were Doing Fine Until My Mule Bolted

Of all the emails and phone calls I receive, the most common and often the most desperate sounding ones center around mules that bolt. For no apparent reason and seldom with warning, someone’s mule took off like a rocket and scared the heck out of the rider or even worse, resulted in a crash. The […]