Establishing Leadership With Your Mule

Mules can have a mind of their own, if you let them. As I always said, if you want Mr. Mule to follow you it is imperative that you know how to lead him. Establishing leadership is crucial if you want your mule to understand and execute what you want.

Here are a few videos that will help you in your mule training and establish leadership.

Donkey Packing

If you’ll be heading for a donkey packing trip soon, make sure you got all the right equipment ready. With the right setup, your donkey can handle quite a lot. Take a look at this video as these two men prepare their donkey for a packing trip in the West Elk Wilderness in Colorado.

As you can see in the video they got their riding saddles and saddle pads all ready to go. Of course you can always get what Steve uses in his own packing trips in our shop. Just click on the buttons below to find out more.

Upcoming Mule Clinics

Steve shares what he has been up to this summer as well as some upcoming mule clinics he will be part of, including the Western States Expo in Pomona and Sacramento.

You’ll also hear some insight from Steve regarding clinicians running mule clinics and what you should look out for. It’s a short video but fill with great advice from Steve.

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Steve Edwards is Traveling to Israel

In September 2016 Israel is going to meet the mule man, Steve Edwards, for some Queen Valley Mule Ranch mule training and instruction.

Steve has traveled around the world and his next national trip is to Israel where he will spend several days hosting clinics and instruction classes and will then take time to see Israel. Not the Israel that everyone sees, but the real Israel.

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Saddles In Action

Facebook is an amazing tool, isn’t it friends? It seems almost every other day we see customers on Facebook using our saddles and tack. We receive videos, pictures and stories from all over the world and this one comes from my friend Nancy.

Her daughter was competing in barrel racing and her Donkey was outfitted with one of my saddles – looks pretty good, don’t it?. After talking with Nancy, turns out she owns four Queen Valley Mule Ranch saddles.

Thank you, Nancy, for sharing this video with us!

Communicating with an Ornery Mule

If you’ve had any experience with mules you know that there is a lot to communicate as you introduce new techniques and equipment.

In this short clip from Steve Edward’s instructional DVD, Ear Shy Mule, he demonstrates how to communicate with an ornery mule. It is an intense process but knowing what you’re communicating and how to communicate will bring order to what could be a chaotic situation.

My Mule Backs Up When I Introduce Something New

All equine live by fright or flight. When you introduce something new to your mule and he backs up he’s letting you know, “I have a problem with something here.”

When you’re training and he backs up that’s one thing but being out on the trail is another. When your mule encounter something new the last thing you want him to do is backup, or worse, while you’re riding or driving.

In this short clip from Steve Edwards you’ll learn how to use the mules nose to communicate exactly what you want him to do, making sure that when he runs into that “something new” he listens to you and not his nature to go fright and flight!

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Herd Leader: Ask, Tell, Demand

Mules and humans communicate differently. Much differently. It isn’t surprising that there are breakdowns in understanding. These breakdowns lead to all sorts of issue when packing, riding and driving. In order to avoid the gaps in communication and enjoy your mule to the fullest (and to all them to enjoy being with you) it is imperative to understand their pattern of communication.

Mules work off a three layer communication system: ask, tell, demand. In this short clip from Steve Edwards instructional DVD on trailer loading you will discover the ask, tell, demand communication system and enhance your ability to execute on the commands you give your mule.

Installing A Bridle On An Ear Shy Mule

Communicating with mules is challenging, but when you need to work with an ear shy mule the need for precise and strategic communication is all the more important.

In this short video you’ll discover how to place a bridle on an ear shy mule and watch a Queen Valley Mule Ranch apprentice perform what is typically a large challenge.

This clip is taken from the instructional video, Ear Shy Mule.


Don’t Give Up On that Mule

Mules are some of the most amazing animals. You’ve probably experienced just how wonderful they are, or else you wouldn’t own one. The problems start when we feel like the mule just won’t listen.

It’s frustrating, trying to get your mule to do what so many others have made look simple. It may be tempting to turn in your reigns but don’t give up!

In this video Steve Edwards explains the VERY BASICS of mule communication and foundational instruction for getting the best out of your mule. So many, just like you, have started out with frustration and with simple instructional tweaks in their communication, they have transformed their mules from stubborn to stunning.