Bunny the Mule

Finding the Right Saddle Position

One of the joys of working with mule owners is helping them find comfort in and for their animals. I especially love it when it’s a brand new mule owner who wants to reach that place of comfort and safety working with their own animal.

It was my pleasure to help Scott, a long-time horse owner, make his first mule experience a good one. His mule, Bunny, is three-years-old and 14 hands high. His mom is a Tennessee Walker.

Scott's new mule Bunny

Getting the Saddle Right

Scott was excited to get my saddle on Bunny. His excitement came through in his text to me.

“Got my saddle today, did not have time to clean him up but my saddle fit great. This is the first time he has ever had a real saddle on. I love it!”

Bunny's Saddle too far forward

Being the teacher, I offered to check the saddle through pictures. The first picture showed the saddle was too far forward. I was pleased to hear that Scott knew this too. He had not added the britchen yet and planned to give Bunny a bath before sending pictures of him fully tacked.

Starting a New Mule Right

Many people ask if they should start with a young mule or get an experienced mule. I always say it is not about the age of a mule, but their disposition. Bunny seems to have a great disposition.

Scott wanted a young mule so he could start him off right and he picked one with a great disposition. He has been asking for advice and pointers – I am so glad he has! As a seasoned horseman, Scott understood he had to work with his mule differently. That has set him on a path of leading his mule to be safe for the rider and comfortable in his tack.

Bunny on the Trails

For Bunny’s first trail ride, Scott ponied him while wearing his tack, all except the britchen. And he pulled the saddle back off Bunny’s shoulders.

Hobbling Bunny the Mule

During breaks, Scott chose to put hobbles on Bunny. He stood perfectly. What a great looking mule!

Scott's Son Spencer riding Bunny the new mule

Later, Scott and his son Spencer started riding Bunny. His whole family loves the comfort of the saddle. Most importantly, Bunny is comfortable with the 28″ cinch in the front, snug in front, and a 30″ cinch on the rear, tighter in back.

Scott sent me a text to say, “I love my saddle from you, it is real nice. I’m going to order another soon.”

If you want to follow Scott and Bunny on their journey, you can follow them on Instagram.

I’m Here to Help

It has been my pleasure to help Scott on his path of owning his first mule. I love working with first-time mule owners and mule owners who’ve owned mules for years, helping them find comfort and safety with their mules.

As always, you can give me a call or send me an email, including photos and videos, about any questions you have about mules and donkeys.

Happy Trails!