How to Measure Your Mule or Donkey for Bit Size

Let’s talk about how to measure your mule or donkey for the correct bit size.

What we’re going to do is take the mule and we’re gonna rub on him a little bit. We’re going to rub on the gums a little bit and then on the other side. Notice how he opens up his mouth. When he does, I’m going to rub on that bar then put my rope in there. I have a knot on the other side… I am going to measure the side without the knot after he gets quiet and then take that measurement.

This meal is about 16 hands hight and has a nice head.

Looking at our measurement, he’s going to be right around five and a quarter inches. You could go five and a half inches. I don’t really like the bit sitting completely against the lifts. Notice how the fat lipped they can, you saw her up pretty easily. So you could even use a five and a half inch on this bit, and this mule will do fine, but that’s how you measure for a bit what you do.

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