What to Know About Saddle Cinches for Mules and Donkeys

The saddle is meant to work with britchen, breast collar, and cinches – in this video I’ll talk about what role cinches play, why they are necessary, and what mule and donkey owners need to know about cinches.

Steve Edwards: Hi, my name is Steve Edwards and I want to talk to you about your gear. Remember, the keyword is mule, keyword is donkey, not horse. The majority of your tack that’s hanging in your tack stores and this sort of thing is for the horse. We have a completely different palette. We have a completely different bone structure. Everything is different. Now, I understand all the time people call me and they want to buy the saddle, the saddle only. And that’s fine. The downside is that the way I designed my saddle is that the breaching, the breast collar and the cinches make the saddle work correctly. And it’s inevitable, everybody wants to use their cinches, thinking a cinch is a cinch.

Your cinches don’t just hold the saddle into place, you have to understand that your cinch is at an area on the belly that must be lubricated. Two things you want: You want the sweat so that it cools, that’s number one thing. You want the sweat so that it lubricates. That’s number two. When those areas are lubricated, you’re going to have less cinch sores. Riding like I do, in a dry desert and even during our rainy periods, it’s really easy to get a cinch sore, really easy. I kept messing with different materials and this sort of thing, trying to figure out what was best. And I found that the perforated neoprene created the sweat. The perforated neoprene allowed the airflow, so it’s like a big cooler setting on their belly.

And what I did on top of that, I put elastic in here, so that it expands and contracts and gives with the animal. And the cinch is very durable. And in this country here, we’ve got stickers, we’ve got sand and this sort of thing. If you don’t keep your cinches good and clean, you’re going to get a lot of cinch sores. And this stuff naturally almost cleans itself. It’s amazing how I don’t have the stickers hanging onto it, the sand and this sort of thing. Cleans it right out.

I have 24″ all the way up to 42″. Excellent cinches. Easy to take care of. And will next to eliminate your cinch sores when it’s properly set up on your mule. Give me a call. I’d be happy to answer your tack questions. My name is Steve Edwards, Queen Valley Mule Ranch.

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