Made In USA

Come-A-Long Rope

The Come-A-Long Rope is one of THE BEST training and correction tools you could ever add to your tack room.

Fortunately it’s incredibly inexpensive and everyone should have one!

So, you have your come-a-long rope and you go to put it on your mule and, whoops, isn’t as easy as you thought it might be. You try again, and again, and again—and now you feel frustrated.

Folks, first off, don’t worry. The come-a-long hitch may seem a little tricky at first (and in fact it can be) but stick with it… you will get it and after you do, you’ll be off and running.

In this video Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch demonstrates how to install the come-a-long rope and, more importantly, how to use the come-a-long rope for correction and training.

In addition, he’ll share with you what you need to be aware of if using the come-a-long rope on smaller animals, say, mini donkeys and how to best keep it in place.