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The Secret to Making Progress With Your Mule

Want to do right by your mule? Determined to not make mistakes in training? Interested in happy relationship with your buddy? 

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After 10 Minutes With A Mule, You Know It Ain't A Horse...

So why do so many folks keep treating it as if it were?

The mule can become your best equine ownership experience ever… but only if you understand what makes them unique.

Yes, folks, the mule IS NOT a horse and the owners who love their mules have spent time learning the differences and catered their training to the mule’s specific needs.

Happiness owning a mule is possible and your first step to an enjoyable ownership experience is found right here in this video, “Happiness Owning A Mule — 10 Things You Need to Know.” 

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Learning that Leads to Lifelong Happiness Owning A Mule

We will cover the 10 essentials of mule ownership understanding with a total video run time of 50 minutes.

You Must Understand the Mule’s

The Bone Structure

You Must Understand the Mule’s


You Must Understand the Mule’s

Dental Needs

You Must Understand the Mule’s

Shoeing Needs

You Must Understand the Mule’s

Nutrition & Feed

You Must Understand the Mule’s


You Must Understand the Mule’s


You Must Understand the “Mule”

Saddle Tree

You Must Understand the Mule’s

Skirting & Rigging

You Must Understand the Mule


You want to be a great owner! You also want to experience the joy of owning a mule. 

Both are possible… but only if you understand what makes your animal uniquely amazing!

In this video you will hear Steve Edwards share the 10 things he wishes he knew about mules before he bought his first mule, Casper, back in 1981. 

Progress Is Possible

Hi, I’m Steve Edwards! Mule owner since 1981 & lifelong cowboy.

I bought Casper in 1981 after he threw me off. The seller said “I guess you don’t want this mule.” I told him, “I’m gonna buy this mule and get even with him. Never did I dream that my run-in with Casper would change my life. 

As I learned about the mule I discovered that folks were treating him like a horse. Horse training. Horse saddles. Horse tack. Horse mentality. It got me nowhere.

After 10 years of learning about the mule, in 1991 I began sharing what I had learned about the mule with others and was thrilled to discover that what worked for me… IT WORKED FOR THEM! 

I didn’t set out looking to help folks find happiness owning a mule — but that’s what has happened and I want that happiness for you, too!

What Other Owners Have to Say About This Video

The more I learn and understand the mule , the more I love my mule! Thank you for all the information ….. keep it coming!


Everything is extremely helpful.


Appreciated hearing about the progression of bits as they move through training.


New things I learned: when to use finishing bit and snaffle bit; use of come along hitch in conjunction with rope halter. Always learn something. Thank you.


I loved the comment about looking straight in the eye to show you are in charge


I’m very glad you emphasize floating the teeth. That done, Gracie and I are ready for the next step. Thanks!


I am so grateful that Y’all take this time with us here. I have gained so much from these sessions and your videos. Thank You. God Bless Y’all… Bucky


Thanks for all of the info. Much appreciated.


My One Thing: Now I think I understand is what a snaffle bit does, and what a finish bit does.


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Happiness webinar

you want to know everything you can about the mule so that you can be a great owner, but also so you can experience the joy of owning a mule.

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