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Mule Saddle Training Course

Training to keep your mule comfortable and give you the best riding of your life.

Have a donkey? This course is for you, too!

Steve Edwards demonstrating mule sape

Video 1: How Mules Are Shaped

The mule and donkey share the same basic shape and their shape dictates what they need in a saddle.

Steve Edwards demoing mule tree

Video 2: Horse Tree vs Mule Tree

See how the shape of the tree must accommodate the shape of the mule/donkey, why it matters, and what happens when it doesn’t match.

Steve demonstrating a mule saddle tree

Video 3: Saddle Sizing for Mules

The measurement you want to for deciding which saddle to choose for your mule. Where the saddle should be placed and measured from.

Steve Edwards demonstrating how to select the right saddle size

Video 4: Saddle Sizing for Riders

How to select the right size saddle seat. What measurement do you look for, how should you fit, and how to know if you’ve selected the right size.

Steve Edwards showing how to measure a mule for cinch sizes

Video 5: Measuring for Cinches

A demonstration by Steve showing how to measure for cinches, where to measure, and exactly how much space needs to be available for your straps.

Video 6: Putting On the Saddle

Watch Steve, step-by-step, install the saddle. Saddle pad, britchen, cinches, breast collar, location, and everything else you’d want to see.

Steve Edwards Britchen Training

Video 7: Properly Adjusted Brichen

Instructions for how to adjust your britchen for the terrain you’re about to ride and why the adjustments matter.

Steve Edwards showing proper breast collar placement

Video 8: Importance of Breast Collar

See how the breast collar should sit on the chest, how much room between the collar and the mule, and what not to use.

Mule walking forward

Video 9: Watch How the Mule Moves

A very short demonstration on the movement of the mule and donkey, how they differ from the horse, and why it matters.

Steve demonstrating a mule saddle tree

Video 10: Using A Horse Saddle

A further demonstration of the impact the saddle has on the mule’s scapula and kidneys and how a horse saddle differs.

Mule Dental Work Demonstration

Video 11: Dental Work & Riding

Learn how proper dental work impacts how the mule frames himself up and how that framing impacts the ride and the rider.

Chiropractor Work On the Mule

Video 12: Chiropractic Work & Riding

Just a quick word on chiropractor visits for mules and donkeys along with how they are connected to riding in the saddle.

Steve Edwards Speaking

Video 13: Saddle Questions

Answers to the few most frequently asked questions in regards to saddle fitting, saddle tack, and other saddle concerns.

Maximum comfort for your mule, ultimate riding for you

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Have a donkey? This course is for you, too!