Mule & Donkey Saddle Questions

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In this video, Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch answers questions mule owners consistently have about mule saddles and the Steve Edwards Mule Tree.

What makes the Steve Edwards’ mule tree construction better than other saddle trees?

Any place that moisture can get into the wood will cause the tree to twist and turn, creating an uncomfortable seat for the mule and rider. That is the only downside of wood trees.

I have started using fiberglass on my trees with a rhino lining on top of that so the tree is completely sealed. My tree will not twist and turn.

Why is a Steve Edwards’ mule tree better for my mule than a horse’s saddle tree?

A horse saddle will sit directly on a mule’s kidneys and hit into the mule’s scapula when riding. The mule’s scapula sits much higher than a horse’s scapula. The Steve Edwards’s tree will sit off the scapula and off the kidneys of your mule.

You may be able to ride in a horse saddle for some time, but eventually the mule will get tired of hurting and buck. The Steve Edwards’ saddle trees are designed for the comfort of the mule which keeps the rider safe.

Note: You cannot get the Steve Edwards’ mule tree with any other mule saddle. He doesn’t sell them to other saddle companies. Just because they call their saddles mule saddles, doesn’t make those saddles right for a mule. Use the Steve Edwards saddle for the comfort and safety of you and your animal.

Why does the tree fit the horse differently?

A horse’s belly is almost flat, it does not have the hourglass shape a mule does. A mule will look pregnant in comparison to a horse because they carry their weight low, even if a male.

There is one problem with the horse saddle on horses too. Many horses have the white hair near their shoulders because the back cinch is not being used properly. When you tighten the back cinch, the tree comes off the shoulders, removing the friction that causes the white hairs.


If you have other questions on the make and fit of a Steve Edwards’ tree please call or email Steve. He is here to help you get the best ride of your life but keeping your mule comfortable and happy.