Q&A: My Mule is Rearing Up

There are a lot of mule and donkey owners around the world. I love hearing from you all! Pretty often I get questions from you that I’m happy to answer – love helping mules and owners. Here’s a question that I recently received, along with my answer.

A Question on Rearing

My mule rears during training sessions when a can is kicked her way. The come-a-long hitch works fine throughout our training, but the rearing continues.

What To Do When Your Mule Rears

The rearing is because of the can, but I would have to see a video of how you’re doing it to give any ‘for-certain’ instructions.

That said, make sure the can starts from a far off distance and slowly work the can towards her.

The other thing that is important to remember is the timing. It’s not the mule’s fault. It’s not the can’s fault. It is all in the timing of the correction. You need to work on coordinating the can and then the ‘bump, bump, bump’ with the come-a-long rope.

Just from what you shared, I would get away from the can for the time being and go back to Ground Foundation Training using the Rope Halter, Come-A-Long Rope, and the instructions found on the Problem Mule: Building A New Foundation instructional video.

I’m Here to Help

If your mule rears just like this mule, I hope this advice will help you as well. Just remember, it all starts by building a foundation with your mule.

As always, you can give me a call or send me an email, including photos and videos, about any questions you have about mules and donkeys.