The Queen Valley Saddle Difference

Meet the ultimate pack saddle, engineered for longevity, comfort, and utility.

See The Difference

This fiberglass tree saddle evenly distributes pressure and load for mules or pack animals that are carrying lots of weight. Designed to be comfortable on long-haul treks as well as shorter rides, it features a renewed design (after the original wood and rawhide saddles were phased out). Made from durable, long-lasting fiberglass, this means you and your animal can work longer comfortably!

After working for more than 40 years, day in and day out on developing the right pack saddle for mules and donkeys, we’ve got it perfect, folks.

Your mules are going to be mighty comfortable in these saddles. I’ve shipped them to Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, and more — they are a fan favorite! Don’t ride another day without this!

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