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Beta Bridle and Reins

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The bridle is extremely important to balance your bit. Steve has designed this beautiful beta bridal with matching reins so the trail riders bit will work on your mule or donkeys mouth. This beta is extremely strong. Pixel strength (pounds per square inch) are around 650 psi per square inch. The reins are 8 foot long, 1/2 inch wide. They are the most comfortable, safest rein you can get.

Note from Steve: I have seen and heard of many wrecks over the years caused by folks with one rein. This is the most dangerous rein a trail rider can use. It was originally designed for arena roping for less than 10 seconds. As one example of a wreck, the mule leans down for a drink and the mule and rider go down in the water. Please consider for your safety not tying the reins and using split reins.

9 reviews for Beta Bridle and Reins

  1. Mark Williams

    I purchased this bridle and reins very good quality. I have used it several times I highly recommend this. I really like the mule head Conchos that comes on it.

  2. James scott (verified owner)

    Great products every thing I have purchases from Steve is top quality and dealing with Steve is like making a new friend

  3. David Pengelly (verified owner)

    Love mine! 5 stars!

  4. (verified owner)

    Love them! Frustrated I need the light saddle and taking me to long to sell other saddles to give me $ to buy the saddle that works best with matching britchens & headstall.. I really wish u would start taking saddles in trade so people could start ridding our mules faster….

  5. Eileen (verified owner)

    The beta bridle and reins are stylish and attractive. I believe this will be a long lasting bridle paired with the Trail Rider(sweet iron) bit.

  6. chris Gressman (verified owner)

    I love this bridle. It fits my mules great and looks good to. I bought one and liked it so much I ended up buying three more.

  7. Cheri Tovar

    Love this bridle, very durable and reins are very light.
    Fits my mule permit and easy to clean.

  8. Tammy Smith (verified owner)

    Love the bridle and mule conchos were my favorite

  9. Leah (verified owner)

    I personally can’t stand the type of buckle that is on the cheekpiece, but once you’ve attached your bit and done the initial adjusting you don’t have to fool with it anymore. 😉 I love this bridle – my old horse bridle had a browband that was too narrow and squeezed my mule’s head at the top. This one is roomy and a lot more comfortable for her large, wide head.

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Will the beta bridle fit a draft mule?

Yes, absolutely. The beta bridle will fit a draft mule.