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Buckaroo Saddle

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The old west comes back to you with this buckaroo custom made, hand made saddle.

NOTE: All of Steve’s saddles come with 4 Latigos.

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The buckaroo saddle is an example of the 1800’s saddles ridden by cow punchers in the west. This saddle comes with ruff out seat and fenders , complete custom acorn stamping, on the saddle, britchen, breast collar, pack, and bridle. Sizes 16′ and 17′ Can be made in smaller sizes. These saddles are custom made per order and are not in stock.

Nylon Latigos Included with Your Saddle

Each saddle comes with 4 nylon latigos. Some customers ask about replacing the latigos with billets and we strongly discourage this. The cinches need to be balanced and centered which is why we ship with nylon latigos. Billets do not allow for the cinches to be centered and as a result, the saddle will roll and not be balanced. Billets result in the cinch being higher on one side than the other.

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 18 in
Saddle Size

14", 15", 16", 17"

Saddle Fitting Videos

Digital Stream/Download, DVD

1 review for Buckaroo Saddle

  1. adaleparkerou

    I recently bought this saddle. I love it. Fit’s my mule well. And it’s comfortable. Everyone who sees it says, where did you get this saddle and I say from my buddy Steve at the Queen’s valley mule ranch.

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