Come-A-Long Rope

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Take control of your communication and get the results you want from foundation training. The Come-A-Long Rope helps you speak the natural language of the mule and donkey: comfortable, uncomfortable. The Come-A-Long Rope is a triple strand, wax-coated rope that puts the power of the Come-A-Long Hitch in your hands.

IMPORTANT: If you have never worked with the Come-A-Long Rope, we strongly encourage you purchase the Ground Foundation Starting Kit, which includes an accompanying training video where Steve demonstrates HOW to get results with your new training tool.


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  • Rope Halter
  • Problem Mule, Building a New Foundation DVD

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Take control of your communication and get results in your foundation training. The Come-A-Long Rope helps you speak the natural language of the mule and donkey: comfortable, uncomfortable. The Come-A-Long Rope is a triple strand, wax-coated rope that puts the power of the Come-A-Long Hitch in your hands. Designed specifically for Queen Valley Mule Ranch, this 25′ 5/6″ ground foundation training tool is what you see in all of Steve Edwards’ halter training videos and is a must-have for any mule or donkey owner, trainer.

IMPORTANT: If you have never worked with the Come-A-Long Rope, we strongly encourage you purchase the Ground Foundation Starting Kit, which includes an accompanying training video where Steve demonstrates HOW to get results with your new training tool.

There is no greater tool available to you than the Come-A-Long Rope and this tool alone is responsible for not just saving relationship between mules and their owners, but helping those relationships to thrive with mutual respect for the owner and animal.

Communicate with Simultaneous Points of Contact for Maximum Effectiveness

As seen in all of Steve’s halter training videos. The Come-A-Long Rope delivers maximum communication to trainers while training their mules. Unlike a rope halter, which communicates with minimal points of contact and with moderate effectiveness, the Come-A-Long Rope delivers simultaneous points of contact for commanding the animal during halter training. Using one rope you can communicate to go forward, go backward, turn right, and turn left. When the animal responds to the pressure from the Come-A-Long Rope, they are immediately rewarded with the release of pressure and, ultimately, comfort.

This video is a great example of the type of communication control you gain when using the Come-A-Long Rope to achieve the Come-A-Long Hitch.

71 reviews for Come-A-Long Rope

  1. Dustin maddox

    Works wondering. Only have used it for 4 days. Mule responds great to it. She is learning a lot

  2. Eileen Easterday (verified owner)

    The come along rope worked really well. I had a great response from Smokey. After using Steve’s method of ask, tell, demand, all I needed to do was lightly pick up on the rope and my mule knew what I wanted him to do right away. The rope is well made and sturdy. The delivery was fast too.

  3. jdandyknits

    I have been struggling w/ a mammoth donkey who came to me with a questionable history. He wouldn’t lead/back/load in trailer; he attempted to run over me coming out of the stall. After attending Steve’s excellent presentation at the Hoosier Horse Fair last weekend I gave the come along rope a try. My results have been nothing short of miraculous! My donkey lowered his head, and licked lips the first time I used it. I loaded him in the trailer after one lesson. I continue to use it daily over a rope halter, as a back up. So far, I’ve not needed to engage it. I recommend studying the online videos carefully, and give a try! Of note, now that I am “the leader” my donkey is much more relaxed. He quietly approaches me at the gate, and lowers his head. The come along is not severe, or abusive; otherwise he would not be so willing. This tool has given my animal a second chance! Thank you, Steve.

  4. Mickey who keeps longears (verified owner)

    The Come-a-long is a very useful means of communication to a mule. My mules don’t act up in confusion as they are clear that I am the leader and what I am asking them to do. The videos are great and the “technical” support fantastic, too!

  5. Darren (verified owner)

    After watching several QVR videos online i decided to purchase the Foundation Package with the come along rope.
    The delivery was very quick and the personal call from Steve was customer service GOLD !! I purchased a yearling with leadership/Baby issues. With in the first 10 minutes it was like having a different Mule in the round pen. I look forward to seeing her develop with further training with this program. If you are Mule owner this is a serious tool to have. After seeing the results of the come along rope I am already planning my next Queen Valley Purchase. Thanks Steve for sharing the knowledge.

  6. phyllis harrington (verified owner)

    The Come-A-Long rope is a great tool for keeping my 17 month old Mammoth’s
    attention. She responds immediately to my cues.

  7. Adriane Cummings (verified owner)

    Excellent tool to add to my training tool box. Straightened up my “problem” mule almost immediatly. He leads like a perfect little gentleman now, whereas before he absolutely needed a stud chain and he would still sometimes even run through that. Come-A-Long Rope is a must for any mule owner.

  8. Mule Girl (verified owner)

    I will not leave home without my Come-a-Long rope in the trailer. I had a mule that would pull away when leading the rope and a combination of good training solved the problem. The come-a-long worked well to hold open my trailer door when the latch broke, the tackiness of the rope is ideal for many things. We also used a Come-A-Long rope to halter break some longhorn steers, once again the tackiness of this rope grips better than a standard rope.

  9. ollie phinizy (verified owner)

    We love our come along ropes. We eah got one from Steve and we usually work our mules together and train in 2 seperate round pens so we are glad we got two. Great quality and perfect amount of softness. Thanks Steve!

  10. Tracy Fawley (verified owner)

    I’m using the come along rope in conjunction with Steve’s trailer loading video. My mule Rocky responds and loads up. No more bolting off the trailer! Thank you Steve once again for sharing your knowledge??

  11. Ritchie Romero (verified owner)

    This rope will make you feel like you are totally in charge without fusing, fighting or any other non benefit to what you are trying to accomplish. these animals will respect you with very little effort on your part.

  12. Sarah (verified owner)

    This has been great for starting ground work with my young mammoth donkey. He’s quickly learning to respect and respond to me. Night and day difference from when I was trying to use a halter and lead. It took us both a bit to get used to how it fits/works, but it has been awesome with a little patience following the learning curve. Steve’s videos were extremely helpful for this.

  13. Jean Bagg (verified owner)

    This rope is wonderful for halter training a mule or donkey. Our mule came with a web halter and didn’t respect it at all. After only one use he is already behaving much, much better and gets more respectful each time we lead him. Steve’s videos are very helpful in showing how to put it on and use it. I’m so thankful to Steve for this excellent quality rope to help him learn.

  14. Michael Bjerland (verified owner)

    A great tool for the equine tool box. I use it on horses as well as mules. First thing i grab when going to get an animal to work with. Thank you.

  15. Gerald Quinn (verified owner)

    I have recently purchased my mule in May, a 13 year old. I just started working her again and doing ground work and haltering with the Come – A – Long. She is responding very well.

  16. Scott (verified owner)

    Ok to start for 20 bucks its a no brainer. Used as the video teaches you it makes a great tool and to be honest it will get used around the ranch for everything from the mule, getting horses moved and just keeping in the truck for a tool. Comes with a great wax coating on it and ready to go. Love It!

  17. pamela dupre (verified owner)

    Love Love Love this rope. What a difference in mule attitude! I was able to catch him and lead him down the hill with NO PROBLEM. He tried to pull away, but was not able to. I won a major victory, and he still can’t figure out what happened to the shift of power. I may have to order another because I can’t find mine; just hope he didn’t eat it!

  18. Sam (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great product!!! Haven’t been able to use it as much as I’d like due to the cold and snow and ice but things are starting to thaw now so I’ll be getting to work with the mule more.

  19. Courtney Crowder (verified owner)

    My mule was a nightmare before I bought this product. He had to be led around with his bridle on or else he would drag me all over the place. I’ve been using this rope with him and he’s super responsive and not as willing to try to plow through me. Definitely recommend this for anyone with difficulty leading.

  20. Elizabeth Bertani (verified owner)

    A mule trainer we hired a few months ago who studied with Steve years ago suggested (urged!) us to purchase Steve’s come-a-long rope for my husband’s mare mule, Gladys, who has a mind of her own and who was allowed to run the show for too long. The rope, coupled with Steve’s great videos on how to use it, have made a difference. Thank you, Steve!

  21. Elizabeth Bertani (verified owner)

    A mule trainer we hired a few months ago who studied with Steve years ago suggested (urged!) us to purchase Steve’s come-a-long rope for my husband’s mare mule, Gladys, who has a mind of her own and who was allowed to run the show for too long. The rope, coupled with Steve’s great videos on how to use it, have made a difference.

  22. Ken Johnson (verified owner)

    It works exactly as Steve says and demonstrates. The Come -A – Long is worth every penny. My mule was tuned up with just a few minutes of work.

  23. Bruce Nachtwey (verified owner)

    Ordered and Received my Come A Long Rope a month ago, very fast shipping!
    Notice a big difference with my Hinney, got her attention rite away, she is leading alot better.
    Thanks Steve for a great product and all your help

  24. Susan (verified owner)

    This is the most valuable item for working with your mule you’ll ever own. You can make it out of any rope and it will work, but Steve’s is perfect and works the best.

  25. Susan L. Henderson (verified owner)

    The come a long rope is a must have. I thought my mule was halter broke, but using the come a long puts “power steering” on her. She is much more light and responsive after using the rope.

  26. Allan Woods (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a lot of mules throughout the years, mules people are selling because of problems and most have the common problem with ground manners.
    Pulling, turning and running, sawing up and being complete Jackasses at times.
    I, as most mule people go straight to a stud chain on a halter to get some control and respect.
    I was skeptical at first about the “Come along halter” but decided to give it a try.
    My new young mule that has had little handling and respect (got away with a lot) needed a trim. The first time we had a fight on our hands, I ran out of cuss words and the stud chain only helped a little. I decided to try the “come along halter” for next trim and put shoes on.
    It was a complete change in attitude!
    Sure, some of it was because the mule was getting used to being handled, but It was huge improvement over his attitude and handling, we had him trimmed and shod in 30 min with no rearing or bolting.
    The “ come along halter” gets ahold of the pressure points on their pole and nose and the waxed rope quickly releases pressure when you let up, rewarding the mule.
    Thank you Steve for such a great idea and making communication easier!

  27. Janna Griffin (verified owner)

    This is now known as the magic rope! You can trust Steve Edwards, he has never let me down. When it comes to mules he has all of the answers.

  28. Jeremy Eason (verified owner)

    The come-a-long rope and Steve’s techniques work great. I have to move slow as she (my hinney) doesn’t like anything above her eye level but copying everything Steve does on the video works great. I even purchased a second rope.

  29. Katie (verified owner)

    Works great, completely amazed at how well my mule responded to it. I wish I would have watched more youtube videos before I used it. The human needs to be trained first! I appreciate all the resources on the website/you tube/pod casts.

  30. Beth Brockman (verified owner)

    Best 20 bucks you can spend on your mule!!

  31. Steve Oller (verified owner)

    Great product. I should have bought one sooner. With proper use it creates a soft, quiet, respectful mule.

  32. Michael Jentsch (verified owner)

    Made a good mule even better, highly recommend the use of this tool in the training.

  33. Bill Lewis (verified owner)

    I have a mule that occasionally will use his strong neck and head to move away from me while holding a lead rope. I used the Come Along Rope for the first time and he challenged the rope only once. With a couple gentle tugs of the rope, he moved toward me and followed my every move for the next ten minutes. The Come Along Rope really works!!!

  34. Cindi Jeffcoat (verified owner)

    We saved 2 mules from a kill buyer. Both are very nice, broke to ride and pack. Kitty is a perfect lady in every way. Matt is a good guy when I am on his back but was pushy, bossy and disrespectful of my space on the ground. After 2 very short (15 minute) lessons with the come-along rope he was a different mule. I love that A, it takes very little to get his attention, and B, once he learned what it was about all I had to do was barely roll my hand to get compliance.
    It’s a great tool to have in your tack room!

  35. Mary Jane Lawrence (verified owner)

    Can I just say totally amazing!!!! I bought a yearling and she had never been handled before and this is just amazing if she won’t do what I would like her to do I put this on her and she just follows right along. It works wonders. I use it all the time I used it to spray her for flys and she moved some. If you haven’t bought one you better get one.

  36. Dale Zoon (verified owner)

    The come along rope works much better than a rope halter. It really gets my mules attention . Halter training went much faster using this. If your training a mule I would recommend the come along rope. Thanks Steve!

  37. Greg Forbes (verified owner)

    The Come Along Rope is the best tool I’ve ever used for mule training . the response from the mule is amazing. Then working right into the rope halter~~outstanding. I’m learning so much from your videos, Steve, thank you!

  38. Lisa Blanton (verified owner)

    I have a Molly mule who is almost 10 and has has very little done with her. Training her is like working with a very large toddler. With the come-along rope and Steve’s instruction on how to use, it she is learning. Great training tool for any mule!

  39. Bob Gonyea (verified owner)

    Without question, the “come-a-long rope” and the instructions that come with it are a total game changer. I thought a I had some pretty good mules but within a week of using the “come-a-long rope”, I don’t tie them to anything anymore to saddle or pack them. It works better than Hypnosis ?

  40. George Greene (verified owner)

    I just bought this mule, he was hard to load in my trailer. I used the come-a-long rope the way you made the halter, I used it twice and after that he loads with just a halter.
    Thanks again ( I enjoy the videos alot

  41. Rip Stauffer (verified owner)

    Excellent tool for getting mules attention and keeping it, watch the video’s on its use. Quick shipping!

  42. Claudia Alexander (verified owner)

    The Come-A-Long Rope is much stiffer than I expected. It kept slipping up the mule’s nose at first. The mule respected it from the first time I put it on. I have a bit of a problem jerking it downwards but that is more due to the fact that my mules’ whithers only come up to my belly button.

  43. Debbie Jenni (verified owner)

    The come along rope is great for getting your mules attention and making them behave! I still use it once in a while to remind him to be good on the lead rope!

  44. Ed (verified owner)

    This was my first time working with a donkey after years of ground schooling horses at a rescue. She was very skittish and a horse halter did not work well at all. The first day working with the come-along-rope and the 2 year old rescue donkey was taking her first steps with very light pressure. It also gave me the leverage to keep her from turning on me. The first rope I received had a small defect. Steve had another sent out quick as could be.

  45. Ronald Sowers (verified owner)

    Come-A-Long rope is the best tool I have. Makes my mule respond to what I want her to do.

  46. Forrest Book (verified owner)

    So glad we got our come along rope, really helped with training. Our mule Kate picked up the training really quick.

  47. Lisa Houserman (verified owner)

    This worked really well for a donkey blacksmith appointment. He is a donkey who is not used to being haltered or handled too much. I help out with him but he’s not mine. He and another donkey are herd mates of my mule. This was the way we finally kept him under control. The blacksmith was VERY good too! I love the knife that came with the rope and use it often! Thanks

  48. Pat Ingram (verified owner)

    The come along rope is a fast and effective way to get your mules attention. A high quality rope that gets the job done.

  49. Mary Jo Enfield (verified owner)

    My husband and I each got the come along rope to help us train 2 new mules.
    This very rapidly established who is in charge while continuing to built trust.
    The mules we bought previously had to be medicated to work with their feet and were quick to try and get away from us. With the come along rope we are now working with their feet, doing obstacle courses walking beside them and starting to take them on walks outside of the pasture. We love this product and highly recommend it!

  50. John Lowe (verified owner)

    Came fast, great quality, and the best part is it works! After watching Steve’s come along hitch video, I decided to buy on. Within a few 30 minute trainings with both of my mini donkeys were good putting on the rope, will ground tie, walk on, stop, and already learning gee and ha. Thank you Steve! I look forward to using them to help feed on the farm and baby pull a miniature wagon.

  51. Gary Siddoway

    Started two weanlings with the come along rope and it has worked great

  52. Rachel Seiferle (verified owner)

    The come along rope really helped me gain soft control of my mule! Thank you Steve Edwards! Prior to using the come along rope..my mule would pull away from me. Now he is soft and responsive!

  53. Jim Rhodes (verified owner)

    Come a long rope and foundation video
    Wow what can I say I had little to no experience training mules. But with this tool it puts e earthing in plan English . No false advertising when it comes to the video and come along rope . It’s amazing even if I have to got to the demand stage on any thing I ask of the mule they never ever get upset we always try and end on a positive note . And I can’t believe how recipitive the mules are to allow me to put on the come along rope the next time be it 1 day or 4 days they never bulk ,the lower thete heads turn tio.the left with the attuide of hurry up let’s get to work … I have several amish friends that train horses and they ask if this woukd work on horses after watching the mules and his easy they respond ti the slightest try . I could go on and on but , if you have purchased the rope and foundation video you know what I mean. If you haven’t then you should treat yourself and your mule to a fine tool that will defiantly help you and your mule build a trusting bond ps plus you get Mr Steve Edward’s advice , professional advice . And any help you may need Steve and Dave do us all a great service

  54. Rich Kissner (verified owner)

    I’ve used this rope for 2 months now and like others have said the amount of control I get is invaluable. The wax coating makes all the difference, it doesn’t slip. I am very happy with purchase. Also, I was really impressed when Steve took the time to answer my questions about my mule. That meant a lot to me, I plan on attending the Montana clinic.Thank You

  55. Cathy (verified owner)

    An amazing training tool!

  56. Leah Steffens (verified owner)

    Works very well using Steve’s techniques. Very high quality material.

  57. Sabrina Robinson (verified owner)

    The Come-a-Long Hitch is a terrific tool made even more powerful with the video in the foundation package and the ones I watch on YouTube. I continue to be thankful for the way it helps me communicate with my mule and how he now responds to it and me exactly as explained. My mule and I are a much better team because of my lovely waxed rope. I look forward to our training sessions and our continued progress. Thanks very much!

  58. Dale Williamson (verified owner)

    This is the second come a long rope I have purchased. This is the most effective tool I have seen to help me keep my Mule at the high level of training he was in when I bought him. Like all of Steve’s tack and. Products, it just works. All you have to do is follow his instruction, and it will work for you. Just like it has worked for me. Thanks Steve!, for all you have done for me.

  59. Jeffrey Broek (verified owner)

    Fantastic tool. Saved me a lot of trouble in an instant with my Molly who began snatching the lead rope from my hands. 3 minutes with the come along rope and she was back to standing 3 feet behind me following my lead in every direction.

  60. james (verified owner)

    Great product, does what Mr. Edwards says it does. Watching the video is helpful. Gentle hand makes for gentle lead for the donkey. Thank you Mr. Edwards.

  61. Stacey Birky (verified owner)

    My mule (Gus) responds great what a change the come a long rope has made . his attitude has change so much for the better

  62. Judy wilhelm (verified owner)

    The right tool makes a project so much easier and saves sooo much time and this is definitely the right tool for getting positive results with less effort. .and it’s safer than Praise the Lord and Amen 🙏

  63. Montana (verified owner)

    Love it it works great even get great responses from my horses also

  64. Montana (verified owner)

    It works wonders even for my horses I get great responses thanks Steve

  65. Cindy Zummo (verified owner)

    Hi Steve. I appreciate your help with my mammoth donkeys. The come along rope has made such a difference in helping my donkeys understand to not resist my direction( they originally gave me a hard time trying to go the direction “they” chose. ). After a few sessions they understood they were to follow my lead and direction. Thankyou Steve

  66. Paul Hammersmith (verified owner)

    Steve’s Come Along Rope does exactly what it is designed to do. It disciplines and gets control of your mule on the ground. It’s a great training tool. Thank you.

  67. Glenna (verified owner)

    The come-along rope has been a game changer with our donkeys. We have a standard donkey who would somewhat lead but we always felt we were dragging him along. One session with the come-along rope made a huge difference. You can make your own come-along rope but the weight and the wax coating on Steve’s make it worth purchasing

  68. Sherman Johnson (verified owner)

    The come a long rope is a game changer it doesn’t matter if it’s a new mule you have never seen before or your go to mule it gets there attention fast and establishes you as the herd leader. Great training tool Steve thanks.

  69. Dave (verified owner)

    I use this rope for my horses and my mules. The come along rope combined with Steve’s techniques achieves instant attention from your equine. Easy to use. It lasts a very long time, just occasionally rub wax on the first six feet. I would highly recommend.

  70. tssm (verified owner)

    A Come-A-Long Rope is a necessary tool when dealing with mules who become muley about getting in your trailer. So when someone stole my rope from my trailer, I needed to get it replaced ASAP. To say I love this tool is an understatement! And I would like to thank Steve for his personalized attention in getting this shipped out to me.

  71. S. Keslar (verified owner)

    I have two BLM burros that adopted me last August from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. They are currently about three and one of them shows every bit of his toddler years and wants to do only what he wants. My little gray (Wyatt) picked up on what I was asking but the brown (Doc) took about ten minutes of constant starting over to understand what I was asking———-suggesting———telling him what was required. I feel that at some point he may have had a bad experience with a rope, probably upon his capture, because the minute the rope went around the neck he had a meltdown and ran around the paddock. I allowed this to happen until he realized that it was not going to kill him and since then we have improved. He is still flinchy but he is also a very sensitive spooky guy. I believe with more consistent training, he will act like Wyatt and it will be second nature to him.

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Will the Come-A-Long Rope fit a mammoth donkey?

Yes, absolutely! The Come-A-Long Rope is not fitted to any particular size. It is completely adjustable to fit any sized animal.

Can the Come-A-Long Rope be used on a horse?

The come-a-long rope can be used by all equine. Always be extremely careful when using on horses horses because they do not embrace against pressure like mules and donkeys do. Horses tend to go to pressure. What happens is the horse can rare or pull back under flight or fright problems. And that can cause a problem with the animal going up in the air and maybe hitting someone with their front legs. I learned this technique from Nick West in Alberta, Canada. He always used it on horses because they rarely have mules to deal with but he would start all his colts with the come-a-long rope. If Nick started to have problems with his horses he would start with the come-a-long rope. Nick West did it for a living and was ranch raised and was a rancher all his life and I’ve learned all of this from him.

As always, a word of caution: You have a chance to be in danger every time you are working around an equine.

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