Humane Twitch with Instructional Video


The Queen Valley Mule Ranch Humane Twitch is made of aluminum with a tie and hook for securing to your mule or donkey’s halter. The Humane Twitch can be used for vetting, shoeing, or any situation that requires an animal to be calm. This is a safe and natural alternative for securing a mule or donkey for treatment.

The Humane Twitch comes with an instructional video of Steve Edwards demonstrating how to use the device as well as what you can expect to see in your animal.


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The Queen Valley Mule Ranch Humane Twitch is the best way to calm a distressed mule or donkey before caring for the animal.

Mules and donkeys will throw their heads when in discomfort. Rather than risk head injury for the owner or animal, the humane twitch will calm the animal into submission. It is a safe and natural way to care for mules and donkeys.

Click here to watch a video of Steve demonstrating how to use the Humane Twitch while treating the mule’s eye with salve.

The Humane Twitch produces natural endorphins to help the animal relax before treatment. Use the Humane Twitch for shoeing, veterinary care, or to halter a skittish mule.

You will receive both the Humane Twitch and the related Instructional Video.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
DVD or Digital

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