Mule and Donkey Training — The Complete Video Collection

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You don’t have to pick and choose where your mule or donkey will thrive. Get nearly every instructional video from Steve Edwards for one price and keep them forever! This collection includes 15 full-length instruction lessons that cover everything from green mules to green riders to drivers to hobbling. Get immediate access to this 100% digital library and stream every video from any device — or download individual vides to your PC for offline viewing and safe keeping.

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Become an expert trainer, claiming your role as herd leader and creating a fantastic relationship between you and your mule or donkey. Steve Edwards has been training owners, riders, and drivers — all mule and donkey friends — since 1981, helping to transform ‘bad equine’ into perfect partners as well as excellent friends and companions.

The transformation that owners have witnessed has been so incredible, they have asked for training videos to help them remember all that they learned about their mule or donkey and maintain the role of herd leader. This instruction revealed one very important truth about training your mule or donkey:

Anyone can do it!

Effective training is all about becoming the herd leader and to become the herd leader you must know how to communicate. Mule and Donkey Training — The Complete Video Collection includes nearly every video Steve has ever recorded and passed along to clients to help them turn their mule or donkey into a soft and willing partner. And now these videos are available to you in one purchase!

When you purchase Mule and Donkey Training — The Complete Video Collection you get lifetime access to training that helps mule and donkey friends just like you experience the following:

  • Learn how to set a proper foundation
  • Watch Steve demonstrate ground training
  • Go from being a ‘green rider’ to a rider who has command in the saddle
  • Discover how to use your voice, hands, legs, and seat to communicate
  • Maximize all round pen and arena training
  • Watch mule owners, just like you, do all the training
  • Side pass, turn on the forehand, turn on the hind quarters, stop, go forward
  • Load in and out of the trailer with ease
  • Master the basics of driving from harnessing to hooking up in the wagon to driving down the trail
  • … And so much more!

This is over 33 hours of Steve Edwards’ life’s work deliver to you immediately.

Will Steve’s Video Training Work for Me?

The biggest concern mule and donkey friends have is “will these videos work for me?” You’re probably wondering if you’ll actually be able to train on your own.

The answer is yes and no.

If you’re not willing to work hard, have patience, and work to form a bond with your animal, then, no, the training on these videos won’t work for you.

But, if you have a true love for your animal, you really want to learn how to communicate and speak the mule / donkey language, and are willing to look at what hasn’t worked and replace it with something that does, then yes, you can train on your own.

There is plenty of footage of Steve working mules and donkeys directly in these videos — that’s great! What’s more important is that there are even more owners who are doing the training themselves, under Steve’s instruction… and you are the next student!

What Videos Are Included?

The entire video archive has been searched and evaluated to make only the best instructional videos available in this digital bundle. Every title is listed below, each one covering a completely different aspect of mule and donkey communication. What’s more, as you go through every video you will experience Steve and his students tackle many of the same problems, each video offering a new perspective for correction, providing valuable repetition to help you apply what you learn to your own training.

Here are the titles included in Mule and Donkey Training — The Complete Video Collection

  • How to Communicate with Your Mule (Bestseller), $69.95
  • Problem Mule: Building A New Foundation, $44.95
  • Why Does My Mule Do That? $44.95
  • Ear Shy Mules, $24.95
  • Trailer Loading (Bestseller), $69.95
  • Donkey Saddle Foundation Training (Bestseller), $59.95
  • Communicating From the Lines, $39.95
  • After the Wreck, $59.95
  • Foundation Colt Starting (Beststeller), $59.95
  • Basics of Hobbling, Highlinging, and Packing, $39.95
  • Basics of Packing with Mules, $39.95
  • Foundations of Driving, $29.95

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2 reviews for Mule and Donkey Training — The Complete Video Collection

  1. Mary Ellen Borland (verified owner)

    Very helpful. I am interested in getting a mule but I wanted to learn as much as possible. I had seen a number of videos with Steve and felt confident he knew what he was talking about. I am enjoying the videos and feel more confident about handling them now.

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    Great collection, great information.
    Well worth it.
    Thank you , Steve!

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Yes, every video in this library offers a digital download so you can watch them on any device at any time. We recommend downloading to a computer only and streaming from a tablet or mobile device.

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When you watch a video on YouTube or Facebook, that is considered streaming. You must have an internet connection to access the content.

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All videos can be accessed via any browser on a device with an active internet connection. If you can watch YouTube or Facebook videos on your device, you will be able to access these videos.

Is this all of Steve’s videos?
In short, yes. This is every video currently available on Steve’s website.

What if I don’t have internet? Can I get these DVDs?
This particular library offer is only available digitally via download and streaming. DVDs are available and are sold individually.

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No, there is nothing to re-purchase. If you would like to get all of Steve’s additional videos, now would be the time to do it.

I just bought a video, can I get a credit?
Email your name and order number to [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase.