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Saddle Pad – SUNSET

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The premier saddle pad for mules designed by Steve Edwards. Features Wear Leather made from Genuine Buffalo Leather.

SIZE: 29″ long and 16″ wide from the front and 12″ from the rear
THICKNESS: 1″ — with a width of 3 inches at the bar area (approximately 1 1/2 inches on each side of the center).

These saddle pads are easy to maintain and designed for the mule’s comfort. They will fit both mules and donkeys! Why? Because the mule’s bone structure comes from the donkey and this pad is fit directly to bone structure – not muscle mass.

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The Sunset Saddle Pad is the premier saddle pad for mules designed by Steve Edwards. This HEAVY DUTY mule pad is for use with all Steve Edwards mule saddles and other manufacturer’s round skirt saddles.

These high tech mule pads are designed and field tested by Steve Edwards and his packers specifically to fit mules. The original heavy duty “close contact” design features soft, colorfast Herculon tops in southwest patterns and solid colors, edges bound in black and genuine leather black wear leathers.

These saddle pads are easy to maintain and designed for the mule’s comfort. They will fit both mules and donkeys! Why? Because the mule’s bone structure comes from the donkey and this pad is fit directly to bone structure – not muscle mass.

The non-slip bottom is anti-bacterial, breathable and allows moisture to pass thru while helping to keep the saddle in place. The breathable felt inner pad along with the Perforated neoprene bottom helps the mule to sweat under the saddle, cushioning and lubricating his back to prevent soreness and hot spots. It not only provides comfort for the mule but for the rider as well. It has a close contact feel and absorbs shock. It’s easy to clean too—just spray with window cleaning solution and wipe dry.

Wear Leather Made from Genuine Buffalo Leather.



29″ long and 16″ wide from the front and 12″ from the rear


1″ — with a width of 3 inches at the bar area (approximately 1 1/2 inches on each side of the center).

NO ADDITIONAL PAD OR BLANKET IS NECESSARY. Steve will send an invoice and personally call you to go over the invoice before sending your order.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 6 in

18 reviews for Saddle Pad – SUNSET

  1. Becky (verified owner)

    Hi Steve and Susan. I want to take a moment and thank you for the awesome customer service you have provided to us. I ordered two of the Saddle Pads, one in Sunset and the other one Horizon. I ordered them for a surprise for my Husband Christmas and had him open them. I have to say this was the first time I saw him so impressed with tack. The Buffalo skin gives it such a touch of class along with the gorgeous southwest design. Ivan plans on showing our donkeys and I know these saddle pads will really ad appeal to the showing. I love the neoprene lining for the comfort and non slipping. Since we live in TEXAS, I know the mules and donkeys will enjoy the cool comfort .We will be sharing this saddle pad with all our donkey and mule friends. Thank you for designing the perfect saddle pad for donkeys and mules.

  2. Becky (verified owner)

    The perfect saddle pad ever and absolute awesome customer service and follow up.

  3. Ray Crutchfield (verified owner)

    Hi Steve
    I used my new Sunset pad two days last week. I rode 10 miles each day, the pad works out great.

    Thanks, Ray

  4. Nadine Chounet (verified owner)

    Love the colors in the Sunset pad – beautiful on my bay spotted large standard donkey, however it is too long backed for him. Maybe he is especially short coupled? But it does fit better than several of my other western pads, I love the space along the spine.

  5. Jim (verified owner)

    The color is better than picture on site,looks great with the Trail Rider saddle.The mule likes them both !!! Great service before and after the sale. Thanks Steve

  6. William McDaniel (verified owner)

    I was usung an older pad and for some reason my girl would be very figity and un cooperative so I ordered a mule pad from Steve and it was like night and day with her temperament. Now she is a pleasure to ride. I recommend Steve’s pads to everyone I know that ride mules.

  7. Kenny Phillips (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 of these pads. Service was top shelf. They arrived in just a few days. The construction of these pads is first rate, quality materials
    They fit my mule like a saddle pad should. I’m in Louisiana and the cooler material is perfect for this hot humid climate. The best thing about them is I can get into the saddle without it rolling. I’m 250 pounds and can get into the saddle with a loose cinch. Quality stuff. Thanks Steve

  8. Eileen

    The Sunset color is the one I chose. I am glad it doesn’t slip or roll. The pad fits so well with the saddle on my mule.

  9. John (verified owner)

    4th pad I have purchased…. they work great for all of our mules in all weather conditions here in Colorado and our high country trips. Always nice to have the color variations as I like to keep my gear mapped to individual mules. Steve and the team do a great job getting gear out in a hurry when my poor planning puts the order on a tight time frame.

  10. Sheryl Jurgensmeyer (verified owner)

    Great pad!! Stays put, easy to take care of and fits my mule perfect!!!! Thanks for recommending this pad Steve!!

  11. James Montana (verified owner)

    Great pad. Used it on our donkey and it helps stop the saddle (from Steve also) from slipping. Donkey feels comfy too. Just got a mule. Will try it on him next and will probably order another. Great product does what it says it does.

  12. Maureen’ Maloof (verified owner)

    Hi Steve and Susan, this saddle pad is so comfortable for my donkey, it is amazing.
    I used it on my horse with the tender back and it works for him as well.
    Thanks, Maureen ?

  13. janet & Terry (verified owner)

    After using this pad for only a few months I would say the ‘week link in the chain’ of a great saddle pad is the rough ‘trim’ that is sewing the whole pad together. The very most rear section of the pad is the only part that should concern you seeming to be the only part of the pad that ‘moves’ with the motion of the horse and makes contact w/the horse …it will and does wear away quite a patch of hair. Logic tells me this can’t go on for a whole season of riding without some serious hair removal.Neoprene (spelled w/a ‘n’) is a great material to have in contact w/your equines body…THAT is not the issue. I have used nothing but neoprene pads for years and to be perfectly honest….it also would wear the same area on my other equine…..and it had the same material as a trim just not such a wide one as Steve is using……So….Steve….can you make your pad with a softer ‘trim”?

  14. Juanita Gibney (verified owner)

    I ride in a Steve Edwards Trail Rider saddle. Have had it for 2 years now and it’s been great. This is the second pad i have purchased from Steve Edwards. The first one was the triple pad which solved all my fitting issues with my one mule’s dippy back. I then purchased the sunset pad for my other mules (2) with conventional mule backs. It works perfectly on them both – I love the pad size! Its exactly right. I ride a lot.

  15. Joshua

    Was looking for a saddle pad for my first mule. Buying this pad was the best decision I made when looking for the right one. It fits my mules back perfectly. It’s the perfect size as well. Would recommend!

  16. Jeffrey Hines (verified owner)

    Great product , fits perfect , excellent design and stays in place . I’m extremely satisfied !

  17. Sherman Johnson

    I took my mules to Colorado elk hunting and put a lot of miles on them using Steve’s pads and trail lite saddle,britchen,breast collar and cinches it all worked flawlessly in the steep terrain of the mountains.
    Thanks again Steve for the great saddle and tack you designed.

  18. Miranda Trout

    Before purchasing my first mule I did ALOT of reading on mule saddles and the differences in mules and horses. As soon as I purchased my Judd I could tell he trusted me and it became a priority to make sure it stayed that way. I immediately got on Queen Valley site and ordered a saddle pad, saddle, breaching and breat collar. I am so happy I did! Judd and I have been on multiple rides all over 10 miles long, in rough Arkansas hills, crossed rivers and revenes. My entire set up looks great, has been comforatable, and extremely functional for both Judd and I!
    But the best part of this purchase is the unexpected phone call from Steve himself!!! He wanted to answer any questions and assure my order was just right. AMAZING customer service and product!

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