Shoeing Your Mule and Donkey

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You want the mystery of shoeing your mule gone and in its place, confidence. In this video you will Steve Edwards teaching apprentices the basics of trimming and shoeing, live from Steve’s ranch in Queen Valley, Arizona.

Learn all the basics of trimming, balancing the hoof, shaping the shoe, fitting the show to the hoof and teaching your mule or donkey to stand still.

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Are your mule’s hooves out of whack and causing pain and imbalance? Get your mule, donkey, and yes… even your horse’s hoofs back on track with this ultimate video guide to trimming and shoeing for proper hoof health. With decades of equine experience under his belt, Steve Edwards demonstrates for how anyone… including you… can perform proper shoeing on the mule or donkey foot to help them perform at their optimum level.

This 3-video masterclass takes you through the farrier process for a mule, donkey, and horse… showcasing step-by-step the process of assessing and fixing overly long, flat feet to improve your equine’s gait, balance, and comfort. You’ll learn how to read your mule’s conformation to trim hooves to the proper angles, care for issues like thrush, and apply shoes to support and rebuild the hooves over time. With Steve’s detailed guidance and tips, you’ll feel empowered to begin properly balancing your mule or donkey feet yourself.

What You’ll Learn In Video One
In the first video, you’ll learn how to read your horse’s conformation and assess the current imbalance and discomfort caused by overly long, flat feet. Steve demonstrates how to gradually restore proper hoof shape and angles to match the slopes of the shoulder and hip. He shows how to use a rasp to round the toes and balance the sole, carefully trimming excess length and flare. You’ll gain key tips for promoting new growth while avoiding chips and cracks.

What You’ll Learn In Video Two
The second video tackles overgrown sole depth, thrush, and uneven heels that need balancing for proper hoof function. Steve guides you in trimming down excess sole to the level of the frog and cleaning out infected areas. See how to trim off shedding frog, create a well-shaped hoof, and use tools like nippers vs a knife. You’ll also learn when to apply shoes to help support the heel and rebuild off-balance hooves over time through correct trimming.

What You’ll Learn In Video Three
In the final video, Steve shares how to achieve an optimal point shape on the back hooves to complement properly rounded front hooves. He demonstrates reading shoulder and hip angles to determine the trimming approach for each hoof. Key techniques covered include safely removing sole depth, balancing heels, and rounding the edges. Steve also shares how best to gradually restore hooves over consistent trimmings and why shoes are helpful for support.

You Can Become the Farrier You’ve Always Wanted

Don’t wait to get your mule’s hooves back in top form. With improper trimming and lack of care, imbalance and pain will only get worse. Steve’s decades of experience and easy approach will empower you to proactively take control of your mule’s or donkey’s hoof health.

No more paying for expensive trimmings when you can learn to properly balance your equine’s feet yourself. Get on the path to happier rides and a healthier equine with this ultimate video package. With Steve’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to master trimming and shoeing. Say goodbye to out-of-whack hooves and hello to a horse moving comfortably and confidently.

Take action now to get your mule, donkey, or horse’s feet fixed and give you both the joy you deserve.

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3 reviews for Shoeing Your Mule and Donkey

  1. Leslie Ricketts (verified owner)

    Got this video for my farrier to review for balancing the hoof . I asked him to pay special attention to the nuggets of information tucked into all Steve’s videos on mule behavior. If its repeated more than once , pay attention its important.

  2. Darcey Redger (verified owner)

    Not bad tape was fairly informative gives a good introduction to shoeing and trimming .Was hoping for a little more info on the trimming .

  3. Sherman Johnson (verified owner)

    Steve shows you how to cue the mule to pick up the foot in a safe manner.
    He is very informative in trimming and balancing the hoof and shares his techniques on probably fitting and nailing the shoe to the hoof.

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