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Surcingle Groundwork Kit

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The Surcingle Groundwork Kit has everything you need to successfully build softness in your mule in preparation of riding. Using the combination of Surcingle, Mule Rider’s Martingale, and Britchen you will teach your animal to frame itself up, creating a straight line from top of the head, top of the whither, and top of the hip, loosening the major neck muscles and being soft to the communication of first the rope halter and then the bit. You start with the halter because mules learn better by their nose… eventually moving to the mule rider’s martingale (and then in the final finished trail rider bit).

While surcingle training can be done using a saddle, you are better using an actual surcingle because this training technique is one where you will install the bridle, britchen, and surcingle together and then leave your animal for extended periods of time. During this time of unsupervised instruction the animal may move in ways that damage or break your saddle (roll on the ground, scrape against the sides of the stall or round pen, or rub against trees or brush that may be at saddle height).

Your Surcingle Groundwork Kit comes with American made equipment from Queen Valley Mule Ranch including Surcingle, Mule Rider’s Martingale (with Instructional Video), Neoprene Cinch, and Beta Britchen.

Yes, this can all be accomplished without you needing to be in the saddle.

The end result of surcingle training is the mule or donkey listen when you pick up on the reins and communicate.

And just think, a trainer would cost you $1200 every month (and it wouldn’t be done right 🤣).

The Mule Rider's Martingale and Video

Comes with bridle, double twisted wire snaffle bit, and instructional video (choose DVD or streaming).


Cinch (Neoprene Trail Cinch)

We recommend 26" cinch for mules 14 hands and under 32" cinch for mules 15 hards and larger.

Beta Britchen

Rope Halter

Product Description

All About the Surcingle

You can teach your mule, your donkey to respect the halter and prepare them to be ready to go under saddle. The Surcingle is a teaching tool that places light pressure on the halter or bit so your equine can learn to work with the halter and bridle.

The Surcingle is an expert training tool designed to allow trainers of all skill and experience to teach the mule/donkey to respect the halter, teach them to drop their head, and naturally tip their nose on the vertical… all to ease pressure. Over time, owners using the Surcingle develop a soften animal, ready to listen and receive communication.

You can use this Surcingle in tandem with the Beta Britchen, Breast Collar, and Mule Rider’s Martingale to help the a mule learn to take the bit.

Surcingle Description

This Surcingle is 3 inches wide and 2 1/2 feet long with D-rings around it. It has two nylon tie straps hanging from a D-ring on each side to connect to a cinch. You can use any size cinch with this surcingle and if you have a particularly small animal, you don’t even need to use a cinch — simply tie off the tie straps on the bottom and you’re done.

Can Donkeys Use This Surcingle?


Will This Surcingle Fit My Mule?

The Surcingle is one of the most flexible training tools you will have in your tack room. It will fit nearly all sizes from a small donkey all the way to a draft mule. If your animal is particularly small or on the larger size of a draft mule, feel free to send us a message with your measurements and a picture. We can make a recommendation for you.

All About Mule Rider’s Martingale

#1 The Mule Rider’s Martingale & Video Exclusively from Queen Valley Mule Ranch

Hey mule riders! Are you tired of your mule not having stop, back up, rein, balance, suppleness and control? The Mule Rider’s Martingale is made out of a new product called Beta™ that looks & feels like leather but it is much easier to care for. This martingale is the same one Steve uses in his training programs and clinics. The bridle, reins, and how to video (included) is the first stage of Steve’s bitting program.

The video will help you understand how to set a foundation of balance and understanding between you and your mule. Steve Edwards has the answers in this new video complete with mule riders’ martingale. The video will teach you how to adjust the martingale to your mule, and includes step by step instruction as to how to use the martingale.

This package includes the Headstall, Bit, rein and the Instructional video!

One size fits all if you have a small headed mule just punch holes and cut excess off.

All About Beta Britchen

Heavy duty Beta Britchen will help keep your saddle in place and you mule comfortable. No matter if you’re a seasoned rider or training mules to ride, the Beta Britchen is a welcome departure from maintaining leather for a solid, durable and effective beta material.

Beta material is stronger, more durable and has a feel and appearance similar to leather. Steve recommends and uses a Beta britchen and breast collar instead of leather for it’s good looks, durability and ease of cleaning!

Designed to help keep your saddle in place and you mule comfortable, this britchen has lots of room for adjustment to fit different sized mules; easily add more holes if needed. Clean with soap and water.

Note from Steve: Beta breaching and breast collars are by far the easiest to take care of I personally prefer all Beta products for my personal use in my years of packing experience they are the very toughest and easiest to maintain.


The measurements for this britchen are as follows. If you have any questions about the sizing for your donkey or mule, don’t hesitate to contact Steve. Be sure to pay attention to the two various options.

Small Mules (under 15 hands) and Saddle Donkeys

Butt piece – 34 1/2″
Hip strap – 19 1/2″
Hip safe – 12″
Back strap – 20″
Spider straps – 24″
Flank straps – 68″
Quarter straps – 32″
Draft and Saddle Mule (over 15 hands)

Butt plate 38″
Butt piece – 28″
Hip strap – 22″
Back strap – 22″
Spider piece – 8″
Spider straps – 22″ this makes them turn out 18″
Flank straps – 48″
Quarter straps – 35″

NOTE: You may need to add additional holes on any Beta products. This can be done with a leather hole punch.

All About the Neoprene Cinch

The Queen Valley Mule Ranch Neoprene Trail Cinch is the ideal cinch to go along with your Steve Edwards Saddle.

Mules and donkey owners will often ask if they can use horse tack with their mule and it’s not advisable. This cinch is meant specifically for the body shape and work load of a mule or donkey. It works in harmony with the breeching and the breast collar for a comfortable and functional ride.

How to Measure for Cinch Sizes

Watch the video below to learn how to measure your mule or donkey for the correct cinch size. You will want two measurements, the front cinch and the rear cinch. Yes, you need two cinches for a mule or donkey.

Neoprene Cinch Features

The neoprene material provides two major benefits to the animal. First it facilitates sweat production which cools the animal. Second, it provides lubrication between the cinch and the belly to prevent cinch sores. The neoprene also allows for fantastic airflow creating a simulated cooler on the belly of the animal.

In addition, you will find elastic in the cinch so that it expands and contracts with the animal, again, creating maximum comfort.

About Cinch Durability and Cleaning

This neoprene saddle cinch is incredibly durable and very easy to clean. Dirty and unmaintained cinches will create cinch sores so ease in cleaning is a very important feature that you won’t want to discount. Simply hose off the cinch to clean and in minutes you can put it back on the saddle. The material is anti-bacterial for added health benefits and will keep your saddle in place when installed correctly.

Additional Information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

The Mule Rider's Martingale and Video

DVD or Download

Digital Stream/Download, DVD


With or Without Tie Straps

With Tie Straps, No Tie Straps

Cinch (Neoprene Trail Cinch)

Cinch Size

24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44", 46"

Beta Britchen


Draft and Saddle Mule, Small Mules (under 15 hands) and Saddle Donkeys

Rope Halter


Regular, Large (16HH+)


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