The Trailrider Saddle

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The Trailrider Saddle is built on a durable, wooden fiberglass covered tree with an iron horn. The saddle is sturdy enough to use for packing or working cattle; even trail riding on the roughest of terrain.

Steve has architected, developed and has used this design since 1986 – because it works. The seat, cantle and pommel are shaped to provide a secure seat and comfort for the rider who spends long hours in the saddle. Very comfortable (But don’t take anyone’s word for it – try it for yourself).

Each saddle comes with a 5-Year workmanship warranty.

NOTE: All of Steve’s saddles come with 4 Tie Straps.

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Product Description

The Trailrider Saddle is built on a durable, wooden fiberglass covered tree with an iron horn. This saddle is sturdy enough to use for packing or working cattle; even trail riding on the roughest of terrain.

Steve has architected, developed and has used this design since 1986 – because it works. The seat, cantle and pommel are shaped to provide a secure seat and comfort for the rider who spends long hours in the saddle. Very comfortable (But don’t take anyone’s word for it – try it for yourself).

The saddle features a mule and donkey designed rigging plate.

Nylon Tie Straps Included with Your Saddle

Each saddle comes with 4 nylon tie straps. Some customers ask about replacing the tie straps with billets and we strongly discourage this. The cinches need to be balanced and centered which is why we ship with nylon tie straps. Billets do not allow for the cinches to be centered and as a result, the saddle will roll and not be balanced. Billets result in the cinch being higher on one side than the other.

How Has Steve Used This Saddle?

Steve has used this saddle personally to drag firewood to camp as well as working cattle – it’s tough.
Does this saddle use fleece skirting? Yes

Fleece Skirting

The saddle uses imitation fleece lined skirt which has been adopted based upon Steve’s 45 years of riding. Wool has no better wear than the imitation lining and offers a longevity equal to that of wool. Wool was originally used by cowboys because saddles were never paired with blankets.

Will This Saddle Fit My Mule?

You want to know if a saddle is going to be a good fit which is why every Steve Edwards saddle comes with a saddle fitting video to help you place your saddle, britchen, breast collar and cinches in the correct position. It’s free with each saddle. If you do have problems, call Steve and he’ll help you out!

Saddle Description Features (Bullet Points)

Padded seat
Cheyenne roll
13.5″ Pummel
4″ Cantle
Mule and donkey designed rigging plate
Nylon front & rear tie straps (cinches not included)
Lightweight at 28lbs for the 16″ saddle
Lightweight but tough
Stainless steel hardware
Saddle fitting video
5-Year Warranty

Tips From Steve

Since the rear cinch is the most important it must be the tightest. Steve uses 5″ perforated neoprene cinches, front and rear.

When you tighten the front cinch tighter than the rear cinch this creates a canter lever action which pulls the saddle forward. Steve always suggests the rear cinch be the tighter cinch.

When a padded seat is added your seat size will be 1/2 smaller.
Options and Accessories
– Breast Collar
– Britchen
– Stirrups – Tapaderos
– Stirrups – Leather Covered

Steve ALWAYS recommends using a britchen and breast collar regardless if you’re on flat ground or mountains. You have to remember that you’re riding a mule bone structure (which is a donkey bone structure) and your saddle will go forward due to the donkey V shape in the shoulders – this explains the saddle riding forward.


While some riders prefer their own stirrups, Steve Edwards stirrups can be purchased for an additional charge. Steve recommends Tapaderos as the safest stirrup. In addition, Queen Valley Mule Ranch offers top of the line leather covered stirrup.

Decorative stamping is available and will require you allow for up to 90 days for each saddle to be stamped.

Questions About the Saddle

Hey, give Steve a call if you have any questions about this mule saddle, 602-999-6853. You can also email at [email protected].

Shipping Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 20 in
Saddle Size

14", 15", 16", 17"

Saddle Fitting Video

Digital Stream/Download, DVD

14 reviews for The Trailrider Saddle

  1. Cindy Callaway

    100% happy camper with my set up!
    I purchased the trail saddle, with the breast collor and breeching and tappadaro’s I know I just butchered that word. My mule seems to like the set up. I have had Johnny for five years and the saddle too. I love how comfortable it is. Light weight. Which is easy for me. With arm and shoulder surgeries. Most animal problems are people problems first you fit your animal with the right fitting saddle. Hinse mule, mule saddle. Then fit your size generally if your heffty. Long thick legged 17″ is what I went for. But I know what fits me. Go to a saddle shop and sit in 15″ 16″ 17″ see what you like about the feel. This saddle is as comfortable as my 6000 dollor saddle I had custom made to fir mutton withers on a horse built like bulls. Yeah Old stock bulldogging type horses. Mules have different shoulders. They are like pistons moving up and down. Watch a horse move. Watch a mule walk. It doesn’t really take a trained eye to see it… Just pay attention to what the movement is. You will love this saddle. Yes it will take a lot of oiling. That’s ok… It will soak it up. Then do it again and again… After all you take a shower… And put lotion on same thing clean your equipment and nurish it it will last a lifetime. Thank you Steve for a great product. You asked how big my mule was I discribed him you fit him just right. Thanks again… Happy Mule owner .

  2. Cindy Callaway

    I happily rate this with five stars. If I could give a 100 I would.

  3. Jonelle (verified owner)

    I bought my first mule. I didn’t really know much about them so I researched and came upon Steve’s site and gained a lot of knowledge from his videos. I’ve owned horses my whole life and never really thought I’d need a different saddle for my boy. I got this saddle and boy do I love it. When it says comfortable it’s the truth. I also got a bridle and trail rider bit along with cinches. The quality of this saddle and other tack for the price is awesome. I have yet to get the britching which is next on my list. Everything fit beautifully. Steve even called me after my purchase to follow up with any questions. Now that’s customer service! Thanks QVMR ?

  4. Rose stewart (verified owner)

    I got my first mule recently, Steve has helped me more than I had expected, set me up!! Canyon rider saddle lite comfy and tuff FYI follow his dvd oil, oil oil oil, be very generous. Breast color fits perfect, britchen I adjust every time I use it, Steve helped me britchen break my mule as well. Pad really goes with the saddle just right. Head stall and bit, plus both cinches. Quality leather. My mule is comfy and happy therefore I am as well. Thanks Steve ?

  5. Sara Anderson (verified owner)

    5 Stars on Service and information. After riding my mule for 2 years with a crupper and western saddle that required constant adjusting going down hills, I found the Queen Valley website. I watched the videos and talked to Steve on the phone. The first ride I noticed my mule’s extension of shoulders and front legs, she was comfortable with the saddle fit. The britchen holds the saddle in place along with the breast collar for the mountain terrain. I have ridden over 300 miles already in 2018. The saddle never moves. I was nervous about the fit of the mule saddle after riding 25 years in my western saddle. No problem, it is a comfortable fit in a 16 inch with my long legs. Good quality leather. I followed Steve’s instructions to wet the saddle for several rides to form fit it to me. Worked great! Steve has a passion to help people with their mules and he has decades of experience. Thank you Steve

  6. Ray Crutchfield (verified owner)

    The saddle fits my mule great. I average 10 to 15 miles on each ride, no problems with the fit and its comfortable.

  7. Rod Foster (verified owner)

    This is the first new saddle I have ever bought. I am 61 and riding my first mule. Maggie threw me off with my horse saddle and I began to research mule saddles. I kept coming back to Steve Edwards site as it seemed to be the most informative and I decided that, at the least, he was the best salesman of them all. I couldn’t afford everything at once and so I bought breast collar, stirrups, cinches, britching, and saddle pad over a couple months. During that time, I was doing a lot of ground work with Maggie and listened to Steve on how to get acquainted with my mule.

    Finally, I took the plunge, and bought the brand new trail rider saddle. It shipped immediately and arrived within two days. Now remember, I had anticipated this purchase for months. When I opened the box, I was not excited by what I saw. New, unused and un-tooled leather is not pretty. But, at this point I had a lot of confidence in Steve Edwards ( by phone and website). So, I followed his directions on how to prepare the saddle. I studied his info on how to saddle up. Then came the day when I nervously had my first ride. Maggie was very comfortable. The saddle for me, was not comfortable. That changed after the third ride, when the saddle began to conform to my posterior. Now, it is a very comfortable ride for me and Maggie. To me, Steve Edwards has helped make mule riding fun. I would purchase and will purchase from him again in the future. Steve, if you read this, thanks for your help. God bless.

  8. Lucia (verified owner)

    I am from Germany. Here the mules are very rare and consequently finding a suitable saddle is practically impossible. after much research on the internet I found Steve’s site and after some emails I was sure of my decision to buy his saddle.
    Now that I’ve tried it, I wouldn’t give it back for anything in the world. it’s perfect for my mule and it’s very comfortable for me too.

  9. J. Lynne Dishong (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my complete saddle set up saddle, britchen and breast collar. My donkey went on her first ride with it without so much as a twitch. She was happy, forward moving, ears forward. Her body language told me that she was VERY comfortable with the saddle and gear. I found the saddle to be very comfortable and I cannot thank Steve enough for his time and effort getting me the right gear for my donk. It has made riding her a very pleasurable experience for both of us. I HIGHLY recommend Steves saddle and everything I have gotten from him has been of top quality.

  10. Wayne Bradshaw (verified owner)

    Saddle is awesome

  11. Tracy Fawley (verified owner)

    I got my first mule, Rocky 3 years ago. Steve helped me outfit him with a full rig. I couldn’t be happier! I followed Steve’s instructions regarding oiling and adjusting britchen, breast collar. I have kept everything well oiled and it is buttery soft. I’m looking forward to many years and many miles with Rocky and this awesome rig?

  12. Farrah Almeida (verified owner)

    Love this saddle. It fits my mule and I extremely well. Has been comfortable since the first ride. Follow Steve’s directions for oiling it in the beginning and enjoy.

  13. Happymule (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe the saddle would fit any mule. I ride an Ardennais cross molly mule. She is only 14 hours, but heavily muscled and way too fat at this point. Guess what? The saddle fits!

  14. mmcdorman (verified owner)

    I’ve owned quite a few saddles in my day, horse, mule and donkey and by far, this is the best saddle I’ve ever owned. I have both the Cowboy saddle and two Trailrider Saddles (one is my wife’s). Gorgeous, comfortable, sturdy and all around the best saddle for donkeys and mules. As for customer service: Steve is top notch. He takes a personal interest in you and what/why you are buying to make sure you get what you want and need. Can’t give enough stars!

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Saddle Fitting Video

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Saddle Installation Issues

[av_video src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBMThJzzwsg’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ custom_class=”]Watch Steve talk about where people go wrong installing their saddles.[/av_one_half]

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Talking Saddles with A Lifelong Rancher

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Mule Saddle vs Horse Saddle

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