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The Trail Riding Bit from Steve Edwards comes with a chinstrap include and provides top comfort for your mule or donkey. This bit is for refined finish for neck, rein, back, and stop.

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This bit is designed by Steve for the utmost comfort for you mule and donkey. This bit is for refined finish for neck, rein, back, and stop.

How the Bit Works

The port whisks the pallet for the vertical nose. The vertical nose shows that the mule has respect for the bit. The port pivots at the port and the shanks. The pivot is important because you can communicate to both brains or just one side.

I just got your bit a week ago or so and she seems to like it. Her mouth is very moist and you can see a light foam around it. I guess the sweet iron is working. The bit seems to have transformed her in one week. She’s stopping & backing easily. Not bracing and starting to really carry herself nicely.

How to Measure a Bit

Watch this video to see Steve demonstrate how to measure for a bit and get the correct size for your mule.

Note from Steve: When your mule or donkey has the nose sticking out he is trying to keep you from controlling him. This shows that the mule or donkey has no respect for the bit and needs to go back to snaffle basics, or needs the teeth floated.

Weighs 4oz, sweet iron mouth, and AMERICAN MADE!

See Steve’s Youtube Video on bits!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in
Bit Size

5, 5 1/2

14 reviews for Trail Riding Bit

  1. Betsy Holdsworth (verified owner)

    I love this bit.I certainly don’t consider myself an authority on western bitting as I have recently transitioned from a dressage jumping background and direct contact to enjoy back country wilderness riding on my mule. He bought as finished 5 yr old and I was encouraged to use a straight pelham bit. I had the control I needed when riding out alone in the back country but never felt I had a soft feel in my hand or relaxation in the poll I wanted. This bit did the job. I have a happy relaxed mule. The sweet iron bars and the flexible joints encourages the soft receptive mouth and relaxation of the snaffle, but I have the control I need with the shanks and port. I have also been able to access both sides of mouth for schooling. It is made of high quality materials and I expect to be my lifetime bit with this mule.

  2. Linda Dickmann (verified owner)

    I real love this bit, it is working out for me very well. I have a 14 year old which I have not been able to ride her do to 2 total keen replacements, she seems to like the sweet iron. She is totally relaxed, and works well. beck to many happy days of riding.

  3. Brent Stapley (verified owner)

    This bit was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable mule handler for my molly. I asked
    my molly Smokey how she liked it, but didn’t get much of an answer that is audible to post here. She just responded by her actions to the bit. The sweet steel is a great attribute to the shape and usefulness of the design. Great job Steve at Queen Valley Mule Ranch!

  4. Michael Cruz (verified owner)

    Excellent bit. My mule adjusted well to the trailrider bit after experiencing difficulty with others. The sweet iron is an additional benefit. I no longer experience the problems with her accepting this bit in contrast with other I have tried.

  5. Cheri Tovar

    First time mule owner and my mule was trained in a snaffle but for 4 years always had a caveson really tight. So when I rode her without it mouth was wide open.
    Went with this bit and WOW what a difference it made. No more open mouth issues and so much better communication. Love this bit for trail riding.

  6. Maureen’ Maloof (verified owner)

    We are just getting used to the trailriding bit , and my donkey is Soo much more relaxed it is great.
    Thanks, she is moving very easily now with minimal signals.
    More to follow as we progress

  7. George Greene (verified owner)

    My mule really likes the bit, He is gaited so he sets his head real well. He also has quit chewing on the bit like before. Thanks again

  8. Kevin Boucher (verified owner)

    I love this bit! More importantly, my mules seem to love this bit. They easily take the bit and carry it calmly. They respond to the slightest touch of the rein. I wish I had found this bit years ago.

  9. Robert Hull (verified owner)

    As usual Steve was personally engaged in assisting me on the right bit for my mule as well as the follow up. He is an unbelievable resource.

  10. Gail (verified owner)

    Im a first time mule owner and I’m so happy I decided to give this bit a try. I noticed a difference as soon as I switched to using the trail riding bit. My mule is really responding to it and now I think I’ll be sending a better more clear message to him. Thank you Steve and Dave for all the help and the weekly talks with Steve. The information is so helpful.

  11. Ken Mireau (verified owner)

    I haven’t used it yet, lost his head stall with a Myler bit & reins, fell off outside of trailer. I have ordered a new headstall from outfitter supply. I didn’t like beta headstall & reins, got talked into that order. I will take leather over beta any day. Ken

  12. Joyce Van Camp (verified owner)

    My 20ish yr old Molly and I met last year and she didn’t come with a resume. I rode her with a snaffle and have just progressed into this mule riders bit. She has been demonstrating to me how much enjoys it!
    She picked it right up and is responding beautifully. It is her obvious choice!

  13. Daphne Barefoot (verified owner)

    We have purchased the trail bits, come a long and saddle pads and have been thoroughly satisfied with our purchases. The trail bit allows good communication with you and your mule. The training tool ( come a long) was essential to help with foundation ground work. Also the saddle pads fit nicely on the mules and decreased saddle slipping

  14. Jannis Jackson (verified owner)

    Very well made, and my Mule responds very well to it. I highly recommend it and would definitely purchase it again.

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