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Discover the art of hassle-free mule loading with Steve Edwards’ instructional video. Designed for those struggling with stubborn mules, this video offers safe, effective techniques to ensure smooth trailer loading. Learn essential skills like proper halter fitting, using the “Come Along Hitch” for gentle guidance, and step-by-step loading procedures.

Steve’s expert approach focuses on building trust and respect, highlighting key communication methods and safety tips. Transform your mule handling experience with this essential guide, fostering a cooperative and calm relationship between you and your mule.

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Come-A-Long Rope

Take control of your communication and get the results you want from foundation training. The Come-A-Long Rope helps you speak the natural language of the mule and donkey: comfortable, uncomfortable. The Come-A-Long Rope is a triple strand, wax-coated rope that puts the power of the Come-A-Long Hitch in your hands.

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Trailer Loading Is Dangerous and Steve Shows You How to Be Safe

When it takes seven grown men to coerce a mule into a trailer, you know you have a problem.

Dealing with a mule that stubbornly refuses to enter a trailer can be frustrating and dangerous. Steve Edwards understands these challenges. He has witnessed the serious accidents and injuries that can occur during unsafe loading attempts.

In his instructional video, Steve introduces a safer, more effective approach to convince even the most resistant mule to enter a trailer. Through the use of proper tools and proven methods, you can prevent injuries and foster a trusting relationship with your mule.

Here’s what the video covers:

  1. Essential Halter Fitting Techniques: A correctly fitted halter is crucial for clear communication and control. Steve demonstrates the proper way to tie knots, ensuring the halter is neither too tight nor too loose, and positioned correctly.
  2. Utilizing the “Come Along Hitch”: This specialized training rope is designed to apply gentle pressure on key points of the mule’s face, aiding in steering, stopping, and backing up. Steve carefully explains how to fit this tool and use subtle prompts to guide the mule’s movements.
  3. Step-by-Step Guide to Safe Trailer Loading: Steve methodically takes you through the process of preparing the mule, positioning yourself safely, and employing the halter and come along hitch for effective loading. He also provides solutions for handling refusals and other potential issues.
  4. Proper Techniques for Backing Out and Turning Around Inside the Trailer: Steve stresses the importance of performing these actions slowly and under the handler’s control to instill good habits in the mule.
  5. Establishing a Foundation of Respect: The key to successful training is consistency, clear communication, and the appropriate use of pressure and release techniques. Steve emphasizes starting with short training sessions and gradually increasing their duration.

Steve’s video sheds light on the psychology of mules, explaining their reluctance, how to gain their respect, and how to communicate effectively. The “ask, tell, demand” approach he advocates allows you to direct the mule’s movements without force. Additionally, the video includes strategies for preemptively addressing issues before they escalate.

By following Steve’s comprehensive guide to trailer loading, you will learn how to prepare your mule both physically and mentally, position yourself safely, and apply the correct amount of pressure for a stress-free loading experience. The specific rope techniques and halter adjustments Steve suggests can alleviate fear and frustration for both you and your mule.

If you’re aiming for a cooperative, calm mule that loads easily, this video is your key to success. Steve’s guidance will transform your apprehension into confidence, safety, and a strong partnership. The effort you invest now will yield long-term benefits in building trust and enhancing your riding experiences.

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2 reviews for Trailer Loading

  1. Leslie Ricketts (verified owner)

    My Rio walks in and out of my trailer just fine…but what if someday he decides “no go”? That’s why I got this video. Very sound safety advice. A COME ALONG HITCH is a must have !!! Rio gives up his own opinions without question when it is on him. Thanks for the knots shown.

  2. Diana (verified owner)

    Great video……It all comes down to patient, skill and safety. Thank you so much for your expertise.

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