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Ultimate Saddle Bundle

Get everything needed for you and your mule to ride with maximum comfort! When your order arrives you will be able to out fit your mule or donkey with the entire saddle and tack outfit!

This bundle is for the rider who wants to purchase all items Steve Edwards recommends for a complete saddle and tack setup.

Configure Your Saddle Bundle

Saddle* Required

  • mule-saddle-steve-edwards_1.jpg
    Trail Lite Saddle
  • mule-saddle-steve-edwards-buckaroo-light-10-scaled-new
    Buckaroo Light Saddle
  • cowboy-saddle-steve-edwards-featured
    The Cowboy Saddle
  • trailrider-mule-saddle-steve-edwards.jpg
    The Trailrider Saddle
  • mule-ranch-heritage-full
    The Heritage Saddle
  • extreme-ultra-light-saddle-padded-side
    The Extreme Ultralight Saddle
  • rancher-saddle-mule-ranch
    Rancher Saddle
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Saddle Pad* Required

  • Mule and Donkey Saddle Pad
    Standard Saddle Pad
  • Mule Saddle Pad
    Triple Duty Saddle Pad
  • Mule Saddle Pads
    Downhill Hip Saddle Pad
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Breast Collar* Required

Select from leather or beta material.

  • beta-breast-collar-full
    Beta Breast Collar
  • leather-mule-breast-collar-2
    Breast Collar
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Britchen* Required

Select from leather or beta material

  • beta-britchen-full
    Beta Britchen
  • leather-britchen
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Front Cinch* Required

  • Cinch-Neoprene-Cinch-800x800-1.jpg
    Cinch (Neoprene Trail Cinch)
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Rear Cinch* Required

  • Cinch-Neoprene-Cinch-800x800-1.jpg
    Cinch (Neoprene Trail Cinch)
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Stirrups* Optional

Choose your stirrups (Steve recommends Tapaderos)

  • saddle-stirrups-for-mules.jpg
    Leather Covered Stirrups
  • overshoe.jpg
    OverShoe Stirrup
  • mule-saddle-stirrup-tapaderos-e1450574154968.jpg
    Stirrups — Tapaderos
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Come-A-Long Rope

Take control of your communication and get the results you want from foundation training. The Come-A-Long Rope helps you speak the natural language of the mule and donkey: comfortable, uncomfortable. The Come-A-Long Rope is a triple strand, wax-coated rope that puts the power of the Come-A-Long Hitch in your hands.

IMPORTANT: If you have never worked with the Come-A-Long Rope, we strongly encourage you purchase the Ground Foundation Starting Kit, which includes an accompanying training video where Steve demonstrates HOW to get results with your new training tool.


Buy the bundle and save! This bundle includes:

  • Come-A-Long Rope
  • Rope Halter
  • Problem Mule, Building a New Foundation DVD

Click here to buy the bundle!

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