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The first thing you want to teach your mule to drop his head and turn to the left. This is the number 1 thing.

It’s not important to put the bridle on. It’s not important to put the rope halter on. It’s not important to get the come-a-long hitch on.

When they finally stand their quiet, then start teaching them to put the come-a-long hitch on. Go slow. Every move is a picture to the mule and donkey. You’re going up the ears, picture by picture, and they’re learning!

Everyone is all about “ride, ride, ride” and folks, that’s where you’re going to go wrong.

I want you to ride. Matter of fact, I want you to have the ride of your life… which is why I want you to focus 100% on ground foundation training before you do anything else. Why? Because if you can communicate on the ground that will set you up to communicate in the saddle. 

Ground foundation training is what leads to a quiet mule, a willing mule, a thinking position, and a position where they are ready to work!

So, how do we get them there? That’s what we’re talking about in this webinar — no matter if your mule is a baby or your donkey is a up there in years… no mule or donkey will ever graduate ground foundation training. 

Tune in live and get insights into how to elevate your training to the point where every session you can look back and say, “Today we made progress!”

Steve Edwards

Queen Valley Mule Ranch


Steven Edwards is a passionate mule trainer and mentor with over four decades of experience in ranching, packing, and working with mules across the world. He has dedicated his life to understanding and educating others about the unique qualities and abilities of mules and donkeys, dispelling common misconceptions along the way. Steve’s expertise has been sought after by national parks, forests, and zoos, and he has been instrumental in establishing the first Mule Training Apprenticeship Program in an American college. Today, Steve shares his knowledge and passion, teaching people how to effectively communicate with and train mules for various purposes, fostering a deeper appreciation for these intelligent and sure-footed animals.

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