Tired of Your Saddle Rolling Around On Your Pad While You’re Trail Riding?

Watch what happens when a mule owner goes to push the saddle off the saddle pad

Get a saddle pad that gives comfort to your mule at nearly half the price of many wool pads

Not to mention you won’t have to hop off every 30 minutes to re-situate your saddle.

You are looking for a saddle pad to keep your mule comfortable. First things first. You have to know that the heat coming from your mule’s back is the number one problem causing your mule discomfort.

When you start seeing white hairs, and I know you’re seeing them, that is your sign that your mule is overheating.

My name is Steve Edwards

Since 1981 I’ve help folks just like you, turn that problem mule into a happy mule who is ready and willing to listen to you, the owner, the herd leader.

I know you have been trying to communicate with your mule to work out problems, and no matter what you’ve tried, they’re still singing that problem mule song.

This saddle pad was developed specifically to prevent your mule from overheating. I’ve sold this saddle pad that you see in the above video for more than a decade.

Fits The Mule and the Donkey

Constructed to fit the mule’s bone structure (which he gets from the donkey), and it comes in gorgeous colors to suit all tastes.

Will this saddle pad work for me?

Every mule is different – just like every rider is different. Before you invest in tack, you want to know, “Will this work for me?”

To answer that question, I’d like to invite you to meet Toby!

Mule Saddle, Saddle Pad

Meet Toby! He’s Using This Saddle Pad for Mules

Toby is a long-time friend of mine. You can see from the picture that Toby is not a small man, by any measure. Riders who are similar to Toby in size, are accustomed to have to perform all sorts of adjustments after getting on their mule. Naturally, Toby had been on the hunt for a saddle and saddle pad that would actually stick and not slide all over the place.

See for yourself. Toby hops up on his mule and the saddle barely moves. My friends, that’s the power of using a saddle and saddle pad that is built specifically for the mule.

Mule Saddle, Saddle Pad

What Makes This Saddle Pad Different?

Beyond the visible difference of preventing your saddle from shifting and sliding, there are amazing benefits that you won’t get when using wool.

Heavy Duty Design

Everything we do is based off of what we have learned from the mule and donkey since 1981. Our saddles, tack, and training are mule and donkey tested and approved!

Designed Specifically for Mules

Decades of research has gone into our saddle and tack designs. We have partnered with top manufacturers in the USA to produce products built to last for the long haul.

Works for Donkeys

You don't have to take our word for anything — hear directly from our customers. Discover how others have succeeded with our help.

Non-Slip Bottom Surface

Each pad features a non-slip bottom that is anti-bacterial, breathable and allows moisture to pass through while helping to keep the saddle in place.

Natural Air Conditioning for Your Mule

The breathable felt inner pad along with the perforated neoprene bottom helps the mule sweat under the saddle, cushioning and lubricating his back to prevent soreness and hot spots

Easy to Maintain and Clean

The saddle pad is easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is simply spray the pad with window cleaning solution and wipe dry. The wear leather is made from Genuine Buffalo Leather.

We Can Ship It To You

Every year Steve travels around the world putting on clinics and participating in expos – but you don’t have to wait for him to come to your neck of the woods!

Still have questions?

Call Steve directly at 602-999-6853