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Can Steve help me buy a mule?

I get asked all the time, “Steve, do you sell mules or can you help me buy a mule?”

In the past I may have had a mule here or there to sell, but I’ve never been one to actually buy and sell mules regularly. So no, I do not sell mules.

As far as helping folks buy a mule or donkey, I first point folks to my video, “So You Want to Buy A Mule?” If you and I were to meet up on the ranch to go over what you need to look for in a mule, what you’ll find in this video is EXACTLY what I would tell you… except without the cost of having to fly me out to your neck of the woods, put me up in a hotel, and feed me — you can just watch the video on your device.

I am also more than willing to take a look at any pictures of an animal you’re considering and share what I see.