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You want to gain trust and get results every time you step into the stall to work with your mule or donkey. We want that for you too and we know it all starts with gaining YOUR trust, first. Below you’ll find reviews and endorsements from our customers.

Hi Steve…...I just wanted to thank you so much for this product. For the first time, I was able to walk and load my little molly mule with out any issues. Just wanted to express my gratitude from a little 70 yrs old great grandma. Thank you.
Thank God For Steve To Teach Us!
I've spent hours watching your videos Steve. They have helped me and my Molly so much. Two years owning her and excited for the future rides we will enjoy SAFELY.
Hi Steve and Dave! Sunny and windy in sullivan mo. Daisy is doing so well since I have been using your techniques. Am I crazy, but she actually seems like she wants to be with me and likes me. It is amazing!
Just wanted to send some testimonial as to the effectiveness of the package you're referencing here. I got to work with the come along and on day two I was able to actually walk my donkey around and when he panicked, still keep him with me where other methods did not work. On the second day, he allowed me to pick, trim, and rasp all four hooves with trust and calm. Thank you for everything so far. It is such a breath of fresh air to have expedient pressure-and-release guidance in a world that feels like it's all ineffective positive-only training.
Took Darlin to the horse show and did Mtn Trail. Attached a pic of her doing the grist mill. Check out her self carriage and foamy mouth. I just got your bit a week ago or so and she seems to like it. Her mouth is very moist and you can see a light foam around it. I guess the sweet iron is working. The bit seems to have transformed her in one week. She's stopping & backing easily. Not bracing and starting to really carry herself nicely. Her mouth never really got quiet with the martingale and bit but she just seems to suck on this bit and behave herself. I'm still learning to use it but I think this is a good change. Learning to use mostly legs and very little hands. Thanks for good products and a good bit.
A month ago my Molly would buck, kick and jump for an entire half hour with this set up on. Now this is the extent of her protest. We've made great progress with Steve's advice!! I would be using your halter but her head is still too small. Thank you Steve!!
Works GREAT!!! I was using a horse halter with a chain to control my mule. I cannot believe how well "your" rope halter works! My mule and I are both much happier! Thank you.
5 years and my rig just keeps getting better. I take good care of it and the leather is like butter. The saddle pad looks brand new and I ride 5 days a week. Thank you Steve for such a great saddle!
We love all our products... went on a camping and trail ride for a few days in Louisiana. Think my sweet hubby has sold a few more ppl on that saddle. And pads.
This is Luis from Missouri. I went on a first ride with the new blanket. I love it, Mr. Edwards. It was dry as soon as I took it off over in two minutes. I really am proud of your blanket. You did a good job. One more thing, Mr. Edwards, my saddle never moved, hardly any I really like it. Thanks again.
I want to thank Steve, for educating me about my donkey, I had ordered a muzzle from Steve for my donkey so she could graze with my horses, cause it would make ME feel better, he then called me and said that neither me or my donkey would be happy, and then proceeded to educate me on feed for my donkey, I’ve had her on lake n lite now for about 3 weeks, and I surely can see a difference, Steve is about educating us, I’m glad I tried to order that muzzle, thank you Steve 🥰

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