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You want to gain trust and get results every time you step into the stall to work with your mule or donkey. We want that for you too and we know it all starts with gaining YOUR trust, first. Below you’ll find reviews and endorsements from our customers.

5 years and my rig just keeps getting better. I take good care of it and the leather is like butter. The saddle pad looks brand new and I ride 5 days a week. Thank you Steve for such a great saddle!
This is Luis from Missouri. I went on a first ride with the new blanket. I love it, Mr. Edwards. It was dry as soon as I took it off over in two minutes. I really am proud of your blanket. You did a good job. One more thing, Mr. Edwards, my saddle never moved, hardly any I really like it. Thanks again.
Just wanted to send some testimonial as to the effectiveness of the package you're referencing here. I got to work with the come along and on day two I was able to actually walk my donkey around and when he panicked, still keep him with me where other methods did not work. On the second day, he allowed me to pick, trim, and rasp all four hooves with trust and calm. Thank you for everything so far. It is such a breath of fresh air to have expedient pressure-and-release guidance in a world that feels like it's all ineffective positive-only training.
A month ago my Molly would buck, kick and jump for an entire half hour with this set up on. Now this is the extent of her protest. We've made great progress with Steve's advice!! I would be using your halter but her head is still too small. Thank you Steve!!
I want to thank Steve, for educating me about my donkey, I had ordered a muzzle from Steve for my donkey so she could graze with my horses, cause it would make ME feel better, he then called me and said that neither me or my donkey would be happy, and then proceeded to educate me on feed for my donkey, I’ve had her on lake n lite now for about 3 weeks, and I surely can see a difference, Steve is about educating us, I’m glad I tried to order that muzzle, thank you Steve 🥰
We love all our products... went on a camping and trail ride for a few days in Louisiana. Think my sweet hubby has sold a few more ppl on that saddle. And pads.
Your mule rider's martingale is awesome. Not only did it train my mule it made me light handed riding
I found your videos on youtube. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your videos have caused me an issue,however. I am in search for a mule to ride but ever since I learned from you the proper saddle type, placement, and other tack to use with it, it causes me great distress because it looks like all of the people selling mules don't know any of this. The saddles sit too far forward , they don't know how to cinch them up properly, if at all, and I believe a "britchen " is a totally foreign concept to them. I remember in one of your videos you cautioned against engaging with people who are selling who obviously don't know how to saddle a mule properly and rightfully so. That mule may have been abused by their time with them. Im sorry this is taking so long to get to my question, but here it is . Do you have any friends in Texas who sell mules? In my mind a recommendation from you is like gold. Thank you so much.
I want to tell you I received my come along hitch, video and rope halter. The video and the come along hitch have really made a difference on my now three month old Jenny mule. Night and day difference. She's going to have to grow into the halter. Thank you very much for your help.
Really appreciate it. My mule loves your correction bit.
Hello Steve, Thank you for the Email and all the great content on Youtube its invaluable! I live in Spokane Washington and am very green with mules. I am just getting into it, i have rode a few mules and packed a few times with a leased horse's for elk hunting but that's about it. The main reason is to use for trail riding and for Elk hunting and packing. i am to the point now that i have a place to keep them and i will be headed to the Salmon Select sale in Salmon Idaho here in a week or so to look at and maybe buy my first Mule. Just Not sure yet. I think all of your instructional videos are awesome and for the new mule owner especially So You Want to Buy a Mule!
Hey, just wanted to let you all know what a difference we are seeing already in my donkey, “Samson.” I asked about him a couple weeks ago because he acted nervous around people and wouldn’t let me near his face when I forced meds down him. What you told me made a lot of sense, so the following evening after you answered my question, I was in the barn and was working with Samson; when he started acting up and trying to get away I got rough with him instead of trying to soothe him. The next day when I went to the barn Samson came to me and asked for an ear rub! He has had such a better demeanor ever since that first session. I’ve also been working on loosening his throat-latch and he has a much softer, relaxed head now. Thank you for the advice and for putting out great information!

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