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Happiness Owning A Mule

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After spending 10 minutes with a mule, you know it ain’t a horse — so why do so many folks keep treating it as if it were? In this video you will discover the 10 things you need to know about mules in order to be a successful owner, make progress during training, and experience happiness on the trail, from the lines, and leading from the ground.

In this video we discuss understanding disposition, the bone structure of the animal, importance of floating the teeth and why, balancing the foot along with shoeing, creating a feed and nutrition program, choosing the right bit, how to communicate to the nose, mule saddles, saddle skirting and rigging, and the importance of riding with a britchen.

You deserve to have confidence in your training, riding, driving, and packing and after going through this instruction, you’ll know what it takes to have a great relationship with your mule.