Saddle Sizing for Mules

Saddle Sizing for Mules

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In this video, Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch explains how a mule saddle works and why you should not use a horse’s saddle.

A proper fitting mule saddle will not touch on the mule’s whither and will not sit on the spine. It will not lay on the kidneys in the rear.

The horse bar saddle will sit right on the mule’s back and push into the scapula. That’s why you see white marks on the mule where an improper saddle sits, because it is rubbing the mule the wrong way-literally.

The only place a mule’s saddle should sit on a mule’s back is right where the rider sits. Everywhere else should be off the mule’s spine, kidneys, and scapula so the animal can freely move.

“My saddle will work on both a 13’2 mule and a 16’2 mule (or any other size mule) because it is designed to sit off the spine. All mules have a similar length on their back. You don’t need to worry about the hand height.”

If you use the proper saddle on your mule, Steve’s saddle, your mule will work with you- keeping you safe and him happy.