Dear Steve,

I am working my mule in harness now and she does well until the wheels hit gravel. I have had some near runaway/wrecks so I put on your martigale with the double twisted wire bit and tied in some longer lines. Not only does that put the whoa on her, she also seems much calmer at all times. Could that be associated with not having blinders on? I get the idea that its the sound of the wheel on the gravel and her not being able to see what’s behind her that scares her. Have you heard of driving mules without blinders? What are your thoughts? This is about a 15 year old mule that I’m training to drive.




I start all my mules in the wagon without blinders, I have far less problems all the way to the saddle .Mules always want to know what is going on a 360 degrees around them.

You are wise to start in my “Mule Riders Martingale” this tool will help the mule to respect the bit you must use it for the next 6 months of foundation training(note the training DVD I send with my Martingale) at 3 months you will start weaning from the martingale to the liver pool bit.

I do not use a smooth snaffle they do fine for a while but they will little by little start bracing the bit.

I rarely use blinders the main purposes of blinder are to get the mule to focus “straight” ​​any time a client brings me a runaway I pull the blinders hen start them from the ground up !


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    1. I have a new mule. She is perfect on the trail. The problem is loading. No matter what I try she will not get on the trailer. I have lunged, tried to feed at the trailer… this list goes on and on. She gets to the back of the trailer and thats it. She will eat there but wont go in. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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