What An Awesome Feeling!

After talking with you, I approached my mule in a different way and needless to say.

What an AWESOME feeling when I caught and haltered my mule.

Working the past month, I have learned so much and eager to see what the future has for my mule.

Video’s on U-Tube were such a great help to me as reference pointers.

A few pictures of Chance and myself. After pictures were taken, I did readjust his halter, 2 fingers above the nostriles.

Was able to check his teeth and discovered a broken tooth.

We did work on “Ask, Tell, Demand” He is a quick learner.

Thank you for calling me back. Looking forward watching the weekly pod casts.

Will defiantly be ordering your come-along rope.

Once again, thank you for helping this horseman understand her mule, being a first time mule owner.

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