Chiropractic Work

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In this video, Steve Edwards of Queen Valley Mule Ranch explains how to tell if your mule needs to see a chiropractor.

Just like humans, animals back, hips, and shoulders can go out of alignment. If your mule is tripping or showing signs of being sore in the back, have a chiropractor look at the animal. Often mule owners will buy another saddle or just blame it on the saddle, but the truth is your animal may need adjusted.

The chiropractor will watch the mule move as you walk him. They can tell if your mule has a shoulder, back, or hip problem. So, if you see your mule tripping or moving around when you try to get into the saddle, you need to consider seeing a chiropractor.

Sometimes it only takes one adjustment to see results. Other times it may take more. Steve is a believer that chiropractic care for your mules works.

Steve also shows if a mule is coming into your space, you need to poke him in the side to tell him to stay out of your space.