Donkey Saddle Foundation Training

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These are the steps to donkey training you’ve been looking for. From ground manners to the exhilaration of the first ride, this five-part donkey instructional video set is a deep dive into the core of donkey training.

Master the nuances of halter and saddle fit, bitting, and a suite of foundational skills including side passes, turns on forehand and hindquarters, and the crucial stop-and-go commands. Each lesson is crafted to build patience, consistency, and clarity in your interactions with strategies for enhancing voice, leg, hand, and seat communication.

Get ready for a breakthrough in training, and witness the extraordinary bond and respect that emerge from your commitment. Join us and transform your donkey into a willing and responsive partner!

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Tired of your donkey ignoring cues or misbehaving? Ready to establish yourself as the confident leader your donkey looks to? In this 5-part video training program, longtime donkey trainer Steve Edwards leads you step-by-step through the foundations every donkey needs.

Steve starts by explaining how a come-along hitch gives you better communication than a regular halter. You’ll learn the proper way to fit it so your donkey understands what you’re asking. From there, it’s all about the basics – walk, stop, back up, turning and circling. Steve covers hand signals, timing corrections, and repeating cues until your donkey has it down solid.

A common mistake is letting your donkey invade your space instead of respecting boundaries. Steve demonstrates how to reinforce that you’re the one in charge. He’ll show you how to get your donkey to stand quietly for grooming by using matter-of-fact bumps or corrections if they move around. Consistency is key here.

Proper foot care is so important for their soundness. Steve will guide you through checking for any thrush and trimming overgrown hooves. You’ll also learn what to look for in good conformation so you can avoid future problems.

One of the biggest training challenges is getting your donkey to carry its head properly. Steve shares his proven method using a surcingle and baling twine to encourage the ideal posture. It may take some time, but you’ll see how letting your donkey figure it out builds understanding.

Safety is paramount when handling donkeys. Steve covers how to approach and correct them without risk of getting kicked. You can’t rush training – patience and allowing gradual improvement makes for solid learning.

This is just a small taste of what Steve will teach you over the 5 videos. You’ll learn how to train with patience, consistency and clear communication. Get ready to see the difference in your donkey!

Everything You’ll Learn During Donkey Saddle Foundation Training

  • Proper fitting of come-along hitches and rope halters for better communication and control
  • Foundational training using commands, groundwork, and correct head carriage to establish yourself as leader
  • Gentling techniques to get your donkey relaxed and willing for grooming, foot care, and tack
  • Methods for achieving proper framing up, rounding the back, and lifting the hips for comfort
  • Saddling and bitting techniques to avoid resistance and get acceptance
  • Cue refinement for responding correctly to leg, seat, rein and voice commands
  • Walk, trot, back up, turns, circles, and how to introduce new gaits and skills gradually
  • Troubleshooting issues like moving away from pressure or trying to evade cues
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  1. Pete (verified owner)

    Very informative video. Rope halter was a big help

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