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Runaway Mule – Ground Foundation Training

How do you train a mule to prevent him from running away out of control? What should you do if he starts running away? How do you move forward with a runaway mule? Runaway mules are a common topic from clients who message me asking, “How do I get him to stop?” If you’ve never […]

How Long Should A Colt Stay with Its Mother

How long should a colt stay with its mother? What a great question. When you’re fixin’ to invest a lot of time, effort, and money into raising this colt, you want to do things right from the very get go and knowing how to manage the momma/baby dynamic is very important to the process. Don’t underestimate the importance or you’ll wind up with issues years down the road that are either very difficult or impossible to correct.

Preparing to Mount a Mule or Donkey

Ready to start riding you’re mule or donkey? Most people think you can throw a saddle on the mule or donkey and start riding. NOPE! The mule or donkey needs to learn the foundations prior to riding. Before you think about mounting and going to ride, you need to invest in ground foundation training for your safety and the animal’s.

In this video, Steve Edwards from Queen Valley Mule Ranch, talks demonstrates exactly how to mount a mule or donkey for the very first time.

Q&A: My Mule is Rearing Up

There are a lot of mule and donkey owners around the world. I love hearing from you all! Pretty often I get questions from you that I’m happy to answer – love helping mules and owners. Here’s a question that I recently received, along with my answer.

The Come-A-Long Hitch – What Kind of Rope Do You Need

If someone were to get a come-along rope, what are the attributes that they really want? Can they just use any rope, any twine, anything like that? What are the attributes that they’re going to want in that rope? In this video, Steve Edwards shares what you want in a come-a-long rope and how to use it in order to communicate effectively with your mule or donkey.

A Great Example of Donkey Driving

I received this donkey driving video from Jana Schmidt, one of my clients. Jana is receiving coaching as she drives her donkey pulling a cart. She wanted to know what I thought of the donkey’s cart-pulling ability and if there was anything she could do to improve.

How to Treat Mule Leg Sores

Leg sores are a topic that raises questions all the time. It can be frightening to see leg sores develop on your mule or donkey, especially if you haven’t noticed them early on and when you finally see them, they’re at their worst. In this article, Steve Edwards provides some options to treat leg sores on your mule.