Mule & Donkey Training Techniques

Discover how to communicate with your mule or donkey and get results!  Learn techniques to build trust and get results — and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Training from Steve Edwards to keep you moving forward.

Steve Edwards – Mule Trainer | Featured Article on Rural Heritage

I’ve been in the mule training business for quite some time but I know there are many folks out there that don’t know my story. Rural Heritage featured me in their publication in 2012 and they shared my story of how I got into the mule training business. If you are interested reading more about my background and see where my passion for mules and donkeys started, this is a great read.

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Should You Own a Mule? | Featured Article on Ohio’s Country Journal

In 2013, I was featured in Ohio’s Country Journal where I got to share some of my expertise with Kim Lemmon. Through our conversations, she was able to put together this great article giving you the pros and cons of owning a mule and whether one should consider owning a mule. if you are on the fence about owning a new mule this article is for you.

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A Pack Saddle for Mules and Donkeys

Over the years, I’ve packed, ranched, hunted all over the world – one of the things that makes my training and tack unique is that I use it! No saddle company is coming in and slapping my name on something I didn’t have a hand in creating.

The pack saddle in this video is one that I designed and one that I use regularly. I designed this pack saddle because the old solutions don’t work and I wanted to make something that would fit every mule.

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