Mule & Donkey Training Techniques

Discover how to communicate with your mule or donkey and get results!  Learn techniques to build trust and get results — and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Training from Steve Edwards to keep you moving forward.

Teach Your Mule to Stand Still While Mouning

Teach Your Mule to Stand Still While Mounting

One of the great things about owning a mule, besides the companionship, is that you can go trail riding with it. There is nothing like hitting the trails with your equine. In fact, as you are reading this you may already be thinking about the next trail you want to explore with your mule. It’s exciting!

But before you even start the ride, you need to be able to mount your mule.

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Hoof Care: Does My Mule Need Shoes?

When it comes to your mule’s care, the hoof is something that easily gets forgotten. Many people think that just because their mule’s hoof isn’t cracked or they see how hard it looks that their mule doesn’t need shoes. I’m going to stop you right there – this is wrong thinking. Your mule needs shoes to keep their hooves protected and healthy.

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Bunny the Mule

Finding the Right Saddle Position

One of the joys of working with mule owners is helping them find comfort in and for their animals. I especially love it when it’s a brand new mule owner who wants to reach that place of comfort and safety working with their own animal.

It was my pleasure to help Scott, a long-time horse owner, make his first mule experience a good one.

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Latigos: Using Nylon or Leather for Your Cinch Straps

Often, I get questions on using billets versus latigos with my saddles. Which is better for holding a saddle in place? And what material should you use – nylon or leather? In this article, I will answer those questions and explain why you should use nylon latigos instead of billets.

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