Mule & Donkey Training Techniques

Discover how to communicate with your mule or donkey and get results!  Learn techniques to build trust and get results — and enjoy yourself every step of the way. Training from Steve Edwards to keep you moving forward.

Halter Training a Mule

Pulling and tugging on your mule, trying to get her to do what you want, wears on you. It tires you out and steals the joy of owning such an amazing animal. Using the method of ‘ask, tell, demand’ as you halter train, you’ll find yourself in control and you will see your mule respond accordingly. You’ll see in the video, it’s not always easy.

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When Your Mule Backs Up Every Time You Introduce Something New

So I got a question on Facebook, and the folks want to know … their mule keeps backing up when they introduce something new. We have to remember that a mule is an equine, and flight and fright is part of their life. Rather than fight, or spin and take off, this mule has decided to back up real quick.

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How To Approach Your Mule

It’s one thing to watch a seasoned mule trainer take a problem mule and begin to soften that animal and it’s another to watch the owner do the exact same thing. In this video, you will see Steve Edwards coach a mule owner through the steps of approaching the mule.

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Featured Image for Trail Lite Mule Saddle Video Demo

The Trail Lite Mule Saddle

Installing your mule saddle and tack correctly ensures that you enjoy your ride and that your mule equally enjoys the ride. In this video I share a little bit about the Trail Lite Saddle and also go through instruction for using your saddle cinches and your mule Britchen.

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Featured Image for how to approach a mule from the left side

How to Approach A Mule from the Left Side

Is your mule refusing to stand still as you approach him? You need to ‘catch’ him, yet, he keeps moving all around and refuses to let you install the halter, pick up his foot or anything else… this short video will show you exactly how to approach your mule from the left side.

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